4.0.2 available in client panel

WPJobBoard 4.0.2 and Jobeleon 1.0.1 can now be downloaded from client panel. Both updates contain mainly bug fixes so this is a recommended update for anyone using version 4.

Aside of bug fixes, you might be aware that WordPress is planning (or just testing) wp-admin redesign, currently the only way of testing is to install MP6 plugin from the repository. If you like the redesign and would like to use it, you might be happy to know that i tested it with WPJobBoard and the plugins seem to be compatible.

Below are two screenshots i made:


Job details page with MP6 plugin enabled.

Jobs list with MP6 plugin enabled.

Jobs list with MP6 plugin enabled.

New version will also automatically disable job board caching for W3 Total Cache and WP-Super-Cache, so while i can’t tell that WPJB is compatible with them it is now safe to use WPJobBoard with one of those caching plugins enabled.

The version 4.0.2 might be a bit disappointing when it comes to new features, so here is what i am planning for version 4.0.3 (release will be in the beginning of July).

  • Automatic updates from wp-admin panel
  • Browse by location (city, state, country) widget
  • Browsing job alerts/subscriptions from wp-admin

If you have feedback/suggestions regarding planned features please post them in the comments section.

  1. Mike

    I would be great if theres an app for iphone wpjb integration.

    • Greg

      @Mike, iPhone/Android app would be great, however i am not familiar with native mobile applications development, so you can rather expect updates to the WPJobBoard itself instead, that being said i am not saying no to mobile app :).

  2. Leigh

    @Mike I agree with you. I will be giving it ago lets see what I can come up with.

    Will let you guys know if it come together 🙂

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