4.3.4 – Massive Indeed Update

Indeed Update

Version 4.3.4 was just released. The main feature in the new version is updated integration with Indeed, right now aside of importing jobs into your database, you can configure the integration to automatically append jobs to the jobs list. This will make your site look active and filled with jobs even if you have just one internal job.

When clicking on job title, the new integration goes to Indeed site, so there are no job details pages, however having it developed this way allows to earn commissions on sponsored clicks.

The “how to” is already fully documented in knowledge base, see the Indeed Integration.

Application Statuses

The new WPJB version allows to customize job application statuses: create, edit and delete them, select default application status and apply custom email templates that will be sent when application status is changed.

Other Changes

Aside of Indeed update there are following updates and fixes in this release:

  • plupload updated to the one WP is using, this will fix file upload into job description and improve security.
  • Proper payment method selection when Listing Type field is hidden.
  • XML/CSV export stopping with large amount of data.
  • XML export, textarea custom fields values are now wrapped inside CDATA.
  • Params not passed properly when running application/company/resume export.
  • API encryption not handled properly.
  • URL validator updated.
  • Visual Editor fixed  loop occurring when trying to change name for existing field.
  • Loading WPJobBoard Menu widget scripts.
  • Improved Login API (allows to insert additional links on Employer and Cadidate login pages).
  • Incorrectly closed tags in breadcrumbs.
  • Ability to create new email templates
  • Generating proper category and job type URLs when [wpjb_jobs_list] is on front page.
  • Google API Key check

Updates for developers

  • wpjb_email_template_objects and wpjb_email_template_customs filters, they allow to insert custom email template variables
  • wpjb_api_xml_params filter, allows to customize XML (Indeed, Simply Hired, Juju, Trovit and RSS) on the fly.
  • page_id param in [[wpjb_jobs_list]], [[wpjb_resumes_list]], [[wpjb_employers_list]] shortcodes, they allow to select page to which the form will be sent.
  • wpjb_candidate_name filter, allows to hide candidate from unprivileged users.
  • wpjb_restrict filter, allows to apply verification when downloading restricted files (by default Job Application attachments).

List of changed files you can download here wpjb-434-jobeleon-124.txt.

  1. Great Indeed Update ! I Was waiting for this.


  2. simmatica@simmatica.it

    I didn’t found where to create/edit/delete application status in the admin, and after upgrade to 4.3.4 – 1.2.4, in the frontend, the application status has no options to select. Can you help me. Thanks

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