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I noticed that lately a lot of you try to contact me by posting comments on this blog or at http://ditio.net . That’s awesome if you want to comment a post all insight are always welcome. However if you have some specific question about WPJobBoard (for example troubleshooting) then it’s not the best method at all.

I always recommend contacting me using form at https://wpjobboard.net/contact, or even faster by sending email to support[at]wpjobboard.net, i am the only person that answers those emails so basically you are communicating directly with me and even better i answer every single email in my in-box.

On the other hand it’s the other way around with comments, especially those at ditio.net, i don’t get notification about new comments so it can be there unnoticed for few days – i am not even aware of them.

The only exception to this is when i do not answer email for about two days. You might expect then that email was not delivered for “some” reason. In that case it is a good idea to post in comments, but ONLY on THIS blog.

  1. Chad

    Of course people are commenting to get in touch with you, because you are trying to sell a plugin for almost 100 $, but have no support forum to speak of.

    This is unacceptable.

    BBPress or any other forum software can be easily set up.

    Then all you have to do is monitor it once a while and answer questions.

    If I am paying 100 $ for a software, I expect to be able to reach someone quickly and easily for support at the very least !!!

  2. Greg

    @Chad, unacceptable is NOT providing support at all. My rules are simple and fair. If you need support send me a message, tweet or if nothing else post in the comments.

    The WPJobBoard community is not big enough (yet) to be interested in a forum (although i was thinking about starting one), besides there is not much to discuss, all possible problems are described in manual and they are all related to activation, i am yet to receive a post-installation support request.

    More over, why do you think that if there would be forum i would respond to support requests faster? There is no evidence to support that statement, unless you would like to relay on community support.

  3. Hi, First thanks for the wonderful plugin. I was wondering if you have reconsidered a forum. I find myself searching all over the site for information and it would be great if it was in a form format. I also think it would allow for others to help people out too.

    Thanks again and i cant wait for the next big release.

    • Greg

      Hi, as a matter of fact i was thinking about the forum, most probably it will be added, although there is no exact ETA.

  4. Hi Greg,

    Any word on a forum yet? There is no better power then the power of the collective!.. I love your plugin because its the reason people come to my site. I only wish there was an easier way to connect with others that use the plugin. I can only imagine the types of things that could come our of a group of people expressing their love for your plugin. I would make it closed to people that have the plug in as well.

    Any ETA yet?

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