WPJobBoard 5.8.4

Version 5.8.4 was just released and you should be able to see the update notification in your wp-admin / Plugins panel within 24 hours. If not then go to the wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates panel and click the “Check Again” button.

This is a release mainly with bug fixes and small changes so it is a recommended update for everyone using WPJB 5.8.0 or newer.

Please make sure to back up your website before running the update.

Below you can find the list of changes in the new update

  • FEATURE: When a Stripe payment returns an error there is now a “Retry” button show that allows the user to enter a payment (credit card) details again and try paying.
  • FEATURE: [wpjb_single_job] shortcode allows rendering the Job details page, useful when building a page template with a page builder (like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi or etc.)
  • FEATURE: [wpjb_single_resume] – as above but for the Resumes details pages.
  • FEATURE: [wpjb_single_company] – as above but for the Company details pages.
  • FEATURE: “router” param added to the [wpjb_jobs_add] shortcode, possible values are “permalinks” or “get” (the default is “permalinks”) you can use the “get” value when placing the [wpjb_jobs_add] shortcode on page different than defined in the wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Default Pages and URLs panel.
  • FIXED: Disallow users to purchase inactive memberships (by changing the URL in the [wpjb_membership_pricing] and [wpjb_candidate_membership] shortcodes).
  • FIXED: Passing page_id as a param to the [wpjb_jobs_list] search.
  • FIXED: Pricing is not assigned correctly to a recurring Stripe payment.
  • FIXED: Invalid {$category} variable removed from the notify_admin_new_job email template.
  • FIXED: Form scheme was not set correctly when posting a job from the [wpjb_jobs_add] page.
  • FIXED: id__not_in param in the [wpjb_jobs_list] shortcode.
  • FIXED: PHP8 incompatibility (when saving Custom Fields).
  • FIXED: “city” param changed to “job_city” for the jobs live search.
  • FIXED: Typo in the “Unassign applications…” phrase.
  • FIXED: “Expiration Date” phrase not marked for translation correctly.
  • API: wpjb_user_role filter allows changing the default role set for a user when registering.

REST API – WPJobBoard 5.8.3

Today we are releasing WPJB 5.8.3, you should see an update notification in your wp-admin panel, if it will not show up within 24 hours go to the wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates panel and click the “Check Again” button it should allow you to update to the latest version.

What’s new in the latest release?


We are making a REST API available to all users, actually using the API requires some programming knowledge and a bit of experience with REST APIs.

If you are not sure what a REST API is then you can think of it as some kind of interface that allows querying the job board and receiving “raw” data instead of HTML content.

You might use it to create your own frontend (ie. your frontend templates and it does not even need to use WordPress), import or export data, submit jobs and applications, etc. Pretty much everything you can do in the wp-admin panel you can also do via the REST API.

You can learn more about the REST API and how to use it in the REST API documentation.

Job Expiration Options

The job board options in the wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Job Board Options panel were rearranged in order to better group them by the functionality they apply to.

There was also a new option added, the “Show Expiration Date on the job details page.” checkbox allows displaying the job expiration date on the job details page (below the publication date).

If you enable entering the expiration date in the [wpjb_jobs_add] shortcode then the default value for this field will be set to the value you have entered in the “Default Duration” field.

Google Jobs baseSalary

The baseSalary field in the GoogleJobs was changed to adhere to new Google guidelines for this field. It now allows setting min/max salary, currency, and unit (hourly, weekly, monthly).


Right now we are releasing an update for the WPJB only, but soon enough hopefully at the beginning of February, you can expect an update for the Jobeleon as well, when it’s available you will see a notification in your wp-admin panel (that is if you are using the Jobeleon theme of course).

WPJobBoard 5.8.2

We have just released WPJB 5.8.2, you should see the update notification in your wp-admin panel, if it will not show up within 24 hours go to the wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates panel and click the “Check Again” button it should show then.

This version includes mainly small improvements and bug fixes and it is a recommended update for all users using the 5.X version (of course as always it is also recommended to do a backup before updating).

Changes in 5.8.2

The calendar in the Education in the Experience section showed a dropdown that allowed selecting only 10 years in the past or in the future (ie the range in the dropdown was from 2011 to 2031), we changed that so the users can open the dropdown and scroll 100 years in the past (that is select year 1920).

In the wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Job Board Options panel, there is a new field “Redirect expired jobs” you can enter there an URL to the page where users should be redirected when they view some expired job details page.

Note that this option will work only if you have the “Allow visitors to view expired jobs details pages.” checkbox checked. It is also possible to customize the URL the user will be redirected to using a wpjb_front_redirect_expired filter.

Below is an example code that uses the wpjb_front_redirect_expired filter, you can place it in your theme functions.php file and customize to for example redirect users to other jobs in the same category.

add_filter( "wpjb_front_redirect_expired", function( $url, $job ) {
    return $url;
}, 10, 2 );

We’ve added also the ability to disable setting cookies by WPJB, since disabling cookies is more of a feature for advanced users this is possible via the wpjb_transient_id filter only. Adding the code below in the theme functions.php file will do that

add_filter( "wpjb_transient_id", "__return_null" );

Other changes

  • Feature: $job variables in the notify_admin_general_application email template
  • Fixed: The file uploader scripts were moved to the bottom of the page so they will be loaded always after jQuery.
  • Fixed: Search by meta fields not working properly when searching by multiple custom field options.
  • Fixed: Incorrect link in the wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Google For Jobs panel.
  • Fixed: Advanced resumes search section hidden in wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Custom Fields panel.
  • Fixed: PHP8.0 compatibility in the Widgets definition.
  • Fixed: PHP8.0 compatibility job alerts not saving in the [wpjb_candidate_panel]
  • Fixed: Free memberships extended twice
  • Fixed: Selecting dates in the future when editing a membership
  • Fixed: Some warning messages on the membership pricing page.

At this time we do not have an update for the Jobeleon theme but a small one will be also available shortly.

Banners Extension

We just released a new extension that allows showing the Banners on the jobs and resumes list.

You can have up to 5 banners on a position selected by you (it can be at the top of the list before any jobs, after for example 5th job on the list and so on). Additionally, the extension allows having banners on the job and resumes details pages, you can embed the banners after the data table (or in other words before the description) and/or before the application form.

The banners can be of any type, that is you can show HTML text, link, image, affiliate links or AdSense ads and etc.

The extension is available for both Personal and Business license holders.

You can learn more about the new extension and see some screenshots to understand better what it does on the Banners Add-on page.

WPJobBoard 5.8.1 – bug fixes and small improvements

We are releasing WPJB 5.8.1 right now, if you do not see a notification in your wp-admin / Plugins panel then it should appear within 24 hours, if not then please go to the wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates panel and click the “Check Again” button this should do it.

The update contains mainly bug fixes and small improvements found after releasing WPJB 5.8, so if you are using 5.8.0 version this is a must-have update for you, if you are using an older version then the update is recommended but not a must-have.

Changes in the latest release:

  • FEATURE: Reply-To header added to the email sent to the emploer on job application (so the employer will answer the candidate when click “Reply” button in his email client).
  • FEATURE: Do not generate Google Jobs scheme in the Job details pages if the Google Jobs integration is disabled.
  • FIXED: Added information to all social media integrations informing users that the social media integration features functionality is limited.
  • FIXED: Incorrect link in the ZipRecruiter configuration.
  • FIXED: Some typos in the phrases.
  • FIXED: Removed some planted debug code in the Email Alerts.
  • FIXED: Custom fields search not working correctly with the [wpjb_resumes_list] shortcode.
  • FIXED: Stripe discount codes not removed correctly.
  • FIXED: Warning shown on screen when using Indeed backfilling in the frontend.
  • FIXED: Fatal error when viewing some pages as a candidate with valid membership.
  • FIXED: File upload not validating files correctly when form has more than one version.
  • FIXED: Fields in the application form sorted randomly.
  • The Jobeleon theme does not need an update at this time so you can safely update just the WPJB and keep using Jobeleon (if you are using this theme that is).

WPJobBoard 5.6.4

We have just released WPJB 5.6.4, it should show in your wp-admin panel within 24 hours, if not then please go to wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates panel and click “Check Again” button you should be able to update then.

The version 5.6.4 is a maintance release, it fixes some small issues found in the previous version and has some UI/UX updates.

This is a recommended update for anyone, especially for those using WPJB 5.6.0 or newer.

Below you can find a complete list of changes:

FEATURE: We have added a job_address field to the [wpjb_jobs_add] form to allow geolocating the jobs to an exact address instead of up to a zip-code only.

FEATURE: In wp-admin panel the administrator can now see if the user has canceled his memberships.

FEATURE: It is not possible to search the jobs by multiple: cities, states, zip-codes and countries.


  • Bulk changing application status not executing
  • Files do not upload if using a custom form scheme with a file upload field not available in the default form
  • If a file upload field was marked as required the form always returned “field cannot be empty error”.
  • [wpjb_jobs_add] (and registration shortcodes) field was not saving custom fields data if the field was not available in the form marked as default.
  • Screen Options in wp-admin / Job Board panel are not applied when saving.
  • Some unexpected notices showing in the registration forms were hidden.
  • Email Templates not saving (this was a bug due to WordPress 5.5 change in the $wpdb API)
  • The checkboxes were not marked as checked in the Custom Fields editor (this was also due to WordPress 5.5 update, but note the checkboxes were actually checked they just did not display with the “tick”).
  • Locations Widget was using an incorrect param name, so clicking on the link did not direct the user to a correct page with search results.

For now the Jobeleon version is not being updated, but you can expect an update soon to fix an issue with the jQuery.migrate plugin being removed in WP 5.5.

Multiple Job, Application, Company and Resume Form Versions (Beta)

After a few months of hard work, we are happy to announce we have finally reached a beta stage with our multiple form schemes functionality.

This functionality will be available in version 5.5.0 for everyone.

But … right now we need your help.

The new version will allow creating multiple version of the job, application, company and resume forms. This will allow you to have for example a different job application form depending on the category the job is assigned to.

Or maybe you would like to each job to have a different application form? … That is possible as well. Really with a forms API, the possibilities are endless.

That being said creating such a feature required us to rewrite the WPJB core a bit. To make sure the version 5.5.0 will work without any issues we are opening a beta program.

If you have WPJB Personal or Business license drop us an email to support at wpjobboard.net, in the title put “WPJB BETA PROGRAM” and in the content of the message include your license key.

We will grant you access to the beta version.

Below you can find few screenshots from the upcoming WPJB 5.5.0 version.



WPJobBoard 5.2.2 Released

We have just released WPJobBoard 5.2.2, this is a small update mainly with bug fixes and UI / UX improvements.

We are planning a bigger update (with candidate memberships) in about 1.5 months. If you want to be the first one notified about this feature make sure to subscribe to our blog.

What’s new in version 5.2.2?

Canceling Membership – When a user tries to disable his purchased recurring membership an error was generated if the selected payment method was different than Stripe.

To fix this we have hidden the “Cancel Membership” button when user paid with payment method different than Stripe as only Stripe supports automatically recurring memberships (although we might add it back for PayPal once we will add support for PayPal recurring payments).

CSV Import creates multiple Categories and Types – We fixed a bug in CSV import which created multiple the same categories and job types when importing entries from CSV file even when the same title was entered in CSV.

Hiding Apply Online button – Hiding Apply Online button also hides “Bookmark” button and other buttons next to the Apply Online button. Now selecting an option “Hide Apply Online” button in wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Job Board Options should hide only the Apply Online button and Apply From LinkedIn if this feature is enabled.

Search By Country – When searching by country in the [wpjb_jobs_search] shortcode the blue bulb does not show country name.

Resume Import – A bug in resume import did not allow uploading files to the resumes when importing from XML file.

Searching by multiple categories – The [wpjb_resumes_search] shortcode will not support searching by multiple categories instead of by just one category.

Hide resumes on the map – The option to allow only registered Employers or users with premium access view the resume contact details is not respected in the [wpjb_map] shortcode.

Since version 5.2.2 users without privileges to see the candidates’ names will see a map without any pins.

Jobeleon 1.7.1

Jobeleon 1.7.1 was released along with the WPJobBoard 5.2.2.

Fixed Updater – In this release, the update manager was fixed it should no longer show an update notification for Jobeleon if Jobeleon is using the latest version.

Compatibility Updates – A few updates to make the Jobeleon compatible with WPJobBoard 5.2.2, specifically the changes to hide the Apply Online button only.

The full list of modified files you can download here.


WPJobBoard 5.2.1 – Automatic Jobeleon Updates

We just released WPJobBoard 5.2.1, this is a small update with mainly bug fixes, small improvements and code optimizations. The new update should show in your wp-admin panel within 24 hours.

We are also releasing Jobeleon 1.7.0, this is the last Jobeleon update you will need to download from the client panel, as since version 1.7 Jobeleon will support automatic updates directly from your WordPress Administrator dashboard.

Below you can find a list of changes in WPJobBoard 5.2.1

  • API: Filters to allow Experience and Education sorting.
  • API: Ability to additional columns to the CSV export using wpjb_export_mapping and wpjb_export_csv_row filters.
  • FEATURE: If a Job does not have an email provided in company_email field but was posted by a registered user then email address from the user profile will be used.
  • FEATURE: Added multi-byte strings support in RSS feeds (without strings can be trimmed incorrectly which causes an error when viewing RSS).
  • FEATURE: In email templates, the $company and $resume variables have access to “user” property (which allows reading user ID, email, login name and etc.).
  • FEATURE: Updated LinkedIn integration to use OAuth 2.0.
  • FEATURE: Buy membership link in [wpjb_employer_panel] / Memberships panel.
  • FIXED: Stripe recurring payments failing with “Invalid token: card_…” error.
  • FIXED: Stripe payments sent incorrectly when using a currency with no decimal places.
  • FIXED: update for ZipRecruiter backfilled jobs design.
  • FIXED: [wpjb_employers_list] does not support meta__* property correctly.
  • FIXED: If Employer or Candidate panel is not assigned to a published page the logout, remind password and delete account panels are not working properly.
  • FIXED: Multiselect dropdown can be closed by clicking on the input.
  • FIXED: Images selected from Media Library are not being removed correctly.
  • FIXED: No wrapping for pricing options in mobile view.

The full list of modified files in WPJB 5.2.1 and Jobeleon 1.7.0 you can download here wpjb-521-jobeleon-170.txt

Our Job Board Software In 2018


In the first post in 2018 i wanted to wish you a happy new year, i hope 2017 was great for you and 2018 will be even better!

The beginning of the year is a perfect time to reflect on what we did in the past year and what we are planning for this year. According to self-help guides, writing down and making your new years’ resolutions public increases the chances of keeping them.

What are we up to in 2018?

Each year, since 2009 we are doing around 8 – 10 releases. This includes two major releases with a lot of new functionality. We are planning to do the same this year. In the WPJB core you can expect following features this year:

Customizer – It will allow customizing how the job, resume and company details page looks like using the visual editor. This will include selecting icon, label and display type for the custom fields. For example, if you will be providing a YouTube video URL in the custom field then you will be able to render this field as an embedded video instead of a link.

This one feature will make it much easier to customize the job board to your and your clients’ needs. I am very excited about this and it will be coming soon.

ZipRecruiter Integration – This is often requested feature and we will be adding it soon as well. This will basically work the same as the Indeed Integration. The reason why users want this feature is because Indeed decided, for the most part, to abandon the APIs or at least make them inaccessible to small site owners.

Resume Memberships – Right now WPJB allows to charge Employers only. We want to allow charging candidates as well. We do not have an exact plan yet, but most likely it will be possible to charge one-time or recurring membership for having the resume visible or featured.

Custom Fields Rewrite – The current Custom Fields editor in WPJB is few years old and needs an update. The main feature we are planning is the ability to create multiple form schemes. The example use case is a recruitment company which has a different job application form for each job type or even for each job.

Additionally, each field will have more configuration options. This is a huge update and it will be available by the end of the year if we will manage to have it finished.

Job Applications Update – This is another update for users who own recruitment websites and need better applicant tracking system. We want to allow the administrator to manage job application statuses from wp-admin panel. Each company will be able to set preferred job application vetting process without custom programming.

We will be also adding job applications logs. Each user managing applications from the wp-admin panel will know when application status was changed and by whom, which email message was sent to the candidate, and the users will be able to add comments to the applications.

Google Maps – Google Maps integration is another one which needs a huge makeover. It will integrate with [wpjb_jobs_list] shortcode to allow searching for jobs on the list and map at the same time.


This year we also want to release a couple of extensions. These are things you might or might not need.

Google Analytics – This integration will allow displaying a number of page views on the Job Details pages. It will also show a chart when editing the job from wp-admin or Employer panel.

WooCommerce Integration – We want to finally release the integration with WC. This will allow you to accept payments for job postings using any WC compatible payment method.

Jobs 2 Careers Integration – This is yet another integration similar to Indeed. Since the backfilling APIs are being deprecated we want to make sure everyone will be able to backfill his job board using some different system.

BroadBean 2.0 – We already have integration with BroadBean available but we want to release a new version which will allow to visually generate XML which will be submitted to BroadBean, this shortens the time required to integrate with Indeed.

Application Methods 2.0 – The Application Methods add-on is also already available. We are planning to release a version with a major under-the-hood update.

Sliced Invoices Integration – Currently users who pay for a job posting or membership receive only an email informing them about payment. The integration with amazing Sliced Invoices plugin will allow to automatically generate an invoice when the order is paid.


As you can see there are about 12 major updates. Some will be available in the WPJB core some will be added as extensions. We are aiming to have all 12 points finished (plus some other not listed here). Some of the projects are huge (like the Custom Fields editor) and i cannot tell we if we will be able to finish them for sure.

I hope you like this list and you are as much excited about new features as we are.

One final note, while some of the functions are partially ready or we are working on them others are just an idea right now, therefore they do not have any priority assigned. If you would like to see some feature soon feel free to “vote” for it by posting a comment.


WordPress 4.9 and WPJobBoard

The WPJB version 5.0.4 was just released, this version of our job board has few minor fixes and one major one to fix the compatibility with the latest version of WordPress.

Here is what we changed in the latest release:

File Upload – After upgrading to WP 4.9 you might be having a problem with uploading job or company logos and avatars, if so then upgrade will fix this problem.

Employer Panel Job Posting –  Fixed users ability to post a job from Employer Panel without being logged in as an Employer. Additionally, when posting a job from Employer Panel we changed the steps (“Create Ad | Preview | Publish”) to use the Employer Panel breadcrumbs instead.

Job Alerts – There was a bug in job alerts which looped sending one email alert over and over again, this happened only if the alert had a lot of matching jobs.

Disable Registration – If you trash and unset registration pages from wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Default Pages and URLs panel then “Not a member? Register” links will not be shown in WPJB login forms, this basically allows quickly disabling registration on your site.

Email Notifications Fallbacks – the notify_applicant_status_change and notify_employer_new_job email templates have now fallback emails. What i mean by this is that if the email is not provided in Job or Applications Form then if the job or application is posted by logged in user then the email from user profile will be used instead.

Along with WPJB 5.0.4 we are also releasing a new version (1.5.3) of Jobeleon job board theme.

The complete list of changed files you can download here.

WPJobBoard 5.0.2 – Email Alerts Editor

The WPJobBoard 5.0.2 and Jobeleon 1.5.2 were just released and you should see them soon in your wp-admin panel. If you will not see the update notification within 24 hours go to wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates panel and click “Check Again” button.

What’s new in WPJobBoard?

Email Alerts Editor – The latest version allows adding and editing email alerts (including search params) from wp-admin / Job Board / E-mail Alerts panel. It looks like on the image below:

Editing an email alert in WPJobBoard

Editing an email alert in WPJobBoard

Additionally, each email alert has an internal log assigned. The log shows when the alert was executed and which jobs were matched to it.

Jobs Cloning – in wp-admin / Job Board panel when editing a job, at the top (next to “Add New” button) you will notice a “Clone” button. Clicking it will redirect you to Add New job page. The form on this page will have all the job information including uploaded files filled.

Never Expiring Pricings – in wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Pricing panel you can enter “0” in the Visibility or Duration field. When user will purchase such job posting or membership his job or membership will be active forever (or at least until disabled by administrator).

Payments History – in the Employer Panel there is a new tab “Payments History” available. It shows the user payments history. In the future, we will be connecting it to some invoicing plugin to allow users to get invoices for their payments.

As usual, the small release includes a dozen of bug fixes and small improvements:

  • FEATURE: Validating Google Jobs mapping before saving.
  • FEATURE: Discard and Cancel fields in the Google Jobs mapping.
  • FEATURE: A notification when a user is viewing expired job page.
  • FIXED Google Jobs widget not counting correctly filled fields in job edition.
  • FIXED: ReCAPTCHA not showing in Candidate Registration.
  • FIXED: Looping JS alert() when entering an incorrect name in custom fields editor.
  • FIXED: Search and pagination in [wpjb_resumes_list] not working.
  • FIXED: The complete payment page showing a fatal error.
  • FIXED: Text domain loaded too late.
  • FIXED: Browse jobs by category page not showing correct listings.
  • FIXED: “Unread Applications” icon not showing in Employer Dashboard

Jobeleon Updates

The Jobeleon received a huge SEO update and downloading it is highly recommended as in some cases there is a chance it will noticeably improve your search engine positions.  We did that by removing the header (H{1-6}) tags from the sidebar widgets.

The other changes are mainly WPJB 5.0 compatibility improvements, so if you are using WPJB 5.0 this is an update you should definitely get.

The complete list of changed files you can download here download here.

WPJobBoard 5.0.1 and Application URL 1.2.0

We just released version 5.0.1, it fixes all of the bugs we found after releasing version 5.0.0, fortunately, this are mainly small problems considering how much we changed under the hood, so i have to say we are pretty satisfied with the version 5.0.

What was changed in version 5.0.1?

  • NEW: Ability to edit alerts from wp-admin / Job Board / Email Alerts panel.
  • NEW: wpjb_templates_dir filter added
  • NEW: wpjb_job_application_url filter added
  • FIXED: Deleting employer from wp-admin panel logouts administrator.
  • FIXED: Category and Job Type pages displaying all jobs.
  • FIXED: Website URL visible in Resume to unprivileged users.
  • FIXED: The same registration URL for Employer and Candidate in the login forms.
  • FIXED: Republish button in [wpjb_employer_panel] not working.

We are also releasing Jobeleon 1.5.1 with following updates:

  • FIXED: removed <h1> and <h3> tags in sidebar widgets to improve Jobeleon SEO
  • FIXED: error in third step in [wpjb_jobs_add]

Application URL

Due to changes in WPJB 5.0, you will also need to update Application URL add-on (if you are using it of course) to version 1.2. You can download the add-on by clicking this link. In order to upgrade go to wp-admin / Plugins panel and deactivate and delete the Application URL add-on from there, then from wp-admin / Plugins / Add New / Upload panel upload and activate new version.

Doing this should not delete any of your data, although it is always good to have site backup just in case.

WPJobBoard 5.0 – Complete Google Jobs Integration

We just released WPJobBoard 5.0 and Jobeleon 1.5.0 with Google Jobs integration. The update notification should be visible in your wp-admin panel within 24 hours. If you cannot find it go to wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates and click “Check Again” that should do it.

The focus of this release was on removing old Embedded mode to significantly improve WPJB speed in the front-end. We were able to do that, although we do not have any comparisons or stats yet, they will be available soon. Probably in a blog posting.

Google Jobs

The focus of this release was on the performance but in the mean time, Google released Google Jobs API. This is a huge change and we needed to make sure WPJB will be 100% compatible with it in order to stay relevant for the next years to come.

The Google Jobs integration has a separate configuration panel in wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Google For Jobs. The configuration panel looks similarly as on the image below

Google For Job Configuration

Google For Job Configuration

It allows mapping Job Types overwriting the default settings using drag and drop editor, previewing changes and validating the generated snippet. More information about this feature you will find in WPJB Google Jobs documentation.

Redesigned Templates

This is more of an update then redesign but still. The jobs resumes, and company pages got a more modern look and feel both on desktop and mobile. Below you can see how does the jobs list look like

Jobs List in WPJobBoard

Jobs List in WPJobBoard

If you would like to see how do the details pages look like you can see on the demo site. We are also releasing code snippets to our GitHub snippets library to allow you quickly customize the job board layout without modifying the original source code.

New Notifications

The WPJB 5.0 has three new notifications editable from wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Emails panel

  • New Employer Notification – This message is sent to the Administrator when new Employer registers using [wpjb_employer_register] shortcode.
  • New Candidate Notification – Similarly as above the notification is sent to the Administrator when Candidate registers using [wpjb_candidate_register] shortcode.
  • Candidate Contact Email – This email template is used when Employer tries to contact Candidate by sending an email from Candidate details page.

Extended Import Response

When importing jobs via API in version 4.5.1 and older WPJB returned the only XML with status, so the import result could be either 1 or 0. In version 5.0 there are more detailed logs for each imported item. How the response look like you can see in the update XML Import documentation.

Important Note

This release might break compatibility with some of the old code snippets, before updating it is recommended to disable all snippets in your theme functions.php file. That is if you have any snippets at all.

After upgrading WPJB you can enable them back, if this will cause any errors please let us know.

The full list of added, edited and deleted files you can download here.