Automating WPJobBoard Tasks

This is a post by Jeff Gipson from ​Recruiters Websites, he is a talented web developer specializing in recruitment websites and recently developed awesome tool for automating WPJobBoard tasks 

Looking for a flexible automation tool to use with WPJobBoard? Now you can connect WPJobBoard to hundreds of web apps using We Wired Web (WWW) at

WWW is the next generation of web automation tools. Each automated task in WWW can consist of one or more triggers that invoke one or more actions.

No technical skills are needed to create automated tasks. Just simply point and click on the presented options as you connect triggers and actions together.



Complex scheduling rules can be defined so that your tasks only process during certain windows of time, e.g. Monday thru Friday 9am-5pm.

The really unique thing about WWW is that all triggers and actions are implemented as visual wiring diagrams. The WPJobBoard action to create new job postings can be viewed at

People with some basic technical skills can customize the system with the assembly wiring editor. It is an open sandbox with over 150 data processing parts that can connect to API’s and transform data. Each processing part has a sample assembly to demonstrate its usage. Over 1,700 assembly wiring diagrams are already in the system to learn from and copy.

If you need custom processing but can’t or don’t want to do it yourself, you can pay to have customizations implemented for you. Since there is usually no coding involved, the fee to build customized functionality is usually very modest. Most custom functionality can be provided within a day or two, payable upon your satisfaction.

So if you need complex workflow automations or custom data processing, give We Wired Web a try!

Jeff Gipson
​Recruiters Websites


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