WPJobBoard 4.4.6

Today we are releasing WPJB 4.4.6, this update includes some small incremental changes that will make it easier to configure and customize to your needs. Along with this release, we are also releasing Jobeleon 1.3.6 with a couple of minor bug fixes.

You can update either using automatic updates the new release should be visible in your wp-admin panel within 24 hours or you can download the latest version from the client panel.

Ok, so what’s new in this version?

Label field in the Custom Fields editor


The Label field allows displaying your custom text or HTML message inside the form.

Redirects and Custom Slugs – from wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Default Pages and URLs panel, it is possible to setup custom page to which user will be redirected once some action will be triggered. Currently, the redirects can be applied to following actions: User Registered, User Logged in, User Logged out and Job Application sent.

From the same panel you can setup custom slug (page name) for a job, resume and company details pages, so you no longer need to have jobs at http://example.com/job/test-job/ you can have them at for example http://example.com/gig/test-job/.

Stripe Update – Stripe integration was updated to latest version, there is no visible change on the outside but if you are using Stripe make sure you have PHP 5.3 or newer installed on the site otherwise it will not work.

If you are using a reputable hosting company you can be pretty sure that you already have PHP 5.3 or newer installed on the server.

General Job Application Form – the general job application form (that is [wpjb_apply_form] shortcode) from now on will show a success message if the form was filled properly and submitted, additionally if param job_id is set the job application form will send a notification to Employer who owns this job.

Custom Admin Email – when some email notification was sent to Administrator WPJB was using an email address specified in wp-admin / Settings panel, from now on if you would like to use a custom admin email address you can enter it in wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Common Settings panel.

404 Header For Expired or Inactive Jobs – If job expired or just is disabled the Job details page will display with a 404 header informing search engines that this page no longer exists unless in WPJB settings administrator allowed users to view expired jobs.

The full list of modified files you can view in wpjb-446-jobeleon-136.txt file.

4.4.5 – Extended User Moderation

WPJobBoard 4.4.5 and Jobeleon 1.3.5 were just released and you should see the update notification in client panel in less than 24 hours, if not then go to wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates panel and click “Check Again” button, this should show you available WPJB updates.

Unlike WPJB releases this year, version 4.4.5 is more of a maintenance update with bug fixes and small improvements, but it also has one major feature Extended User Moderation.  From wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Job Board Options and Resumes Options panel, you can enable user moderation and disallow newly registered users to access candidate or employer panel, until Administrator will approve them.

Once approved, the user will receive an email informing him that the account was approved and where he can log in to his dashboard. The email content can be edited from wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Email Templates panel.

Other changes in version 4.4.5

  • FEATURE: When logging in or registering from job details page, the user is redirected back to the job details page on success.
  • FEATURE: From wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Indeed panel, it is possible to enable conversion tracking.
  • FEATURE: Options in wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Job Board Options and Resumes Options panel were reorganized to group related options together.
  • FEATURE: PayPal integration will now display actual HTTP error messages if the payment fails due to HTTP error.
  • FIXED: Error message displayed when trying to republish a job.
  • FIXED: Incorrect page_id parameter value in “Jobs Search” widget.
  • FIXED: Incorrectly blocked access to Resume files
  • FIXED: Some phrases (“Save” and “Cancel”) were not marked for translation properly.
  • FIXED: Resumes become disabled after updating them from wp-admin / Job Board / Resumes panel.
  • FIXED: Resume Education and Experience sorted incorrectly (now they are sorted descending by “start” date).
  • FIXED: It’s no longer required for an Employer to have at least one job published before his company profile will be visible.
  • FIXED: Pagination hidden always hidden when searching jobs and resumes by radius.
  • FIXED: “Go back” on job details pages always redirects to URLs within your site (so for example users won’t go back to Google search when clicking it)
  • FIXED: Social media integrations (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) will not longer automatically share jobs imported from Indeed or CareerBuilder to avoid problems with duplicate content.
  • FIXED: Restored and improved missing CSS rules on Resume details pages.
  • FIXED: File Upload button not clickable in Apply Online form on sold old browsers.

The list of customized files in both WPJobBoard nad Jobeleon you can see in files changelog.

Version 4.4.4 (Trial Memberships & ANTI-Spam Techniques)

WPJobBoard version 4.4.4 was just released, you should be now able to download it from client panel. If you do not see this update in wp-admin panel, go to wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates and click “Check Again” button.

Along with WPJobBoard version 4.4.4 there is also update to Jobeleon 1.3.4 available, if you are updating WPJB make sure to update Jobeleon as well.

There are three main new features in this update.

Trial Memberships

From wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Pricing / Employer Membership panel, you can check “Trial” checkbox for one (or more) memberships.

When new Employer registers on site all the Trial memberships will be assigned to him. This is a great way to allow Employers test the Employer account (and get them hooked) without forcing them to spend money.

ANTI-Spam Techniques

In wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / ANTI-Spam panel you can enable two ANTI-Spam techniques, they are both easy to a user (that is they are invisible to a real user) and hard for bots. You can read more about this technique in ANTI-Spam documentation.

Additionally, all IP addresses who fail the ANTI-Spam tests are being logged if some IP address occurs often you can use some third party plugin to ban this IP address from your site, the example error log you can see below.


Custom Order For Job Types and Categories

From wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Categories and Job Types panel you can enter an order (integer) for each item, this allows to setup custom order for job types and categories.

From the version 4.4.4 items are ordered first by “order” value and then alphabetically. In other words, if you will not make any changes in your categories and / or types, then your data will be sorted by title as they currently are.

Other Changes

  • FEATURE: Show login form instead of error when unregistered user tries to access Employer or Candidate Dashboard
  • FEATURE: Ability to customize job feeds (Indeed, Juju, SimplyHired, Trovit and RSS) via API. Example code explaining how to use this API you can find on GitHub – Feeds API Snippets.
  • BUG: Datepicker in Education in Experience no longer allows to enter invalid dates.
  • BUG: Subscribe to job alerts not centered properly on screen.
  • BUG: Google Maps API key is now always added to the URL when loading it from Google
  • BUG: qss=7 in the job description preview.

List of modified files you can download here.

WPJobBoard 4.4.3 (Swift Resume Edition)

WPJobBoard 4.4.3 and Jobeleon 1.3.3 were just released and you should be able to update to the latest version using automatic updates. (If you cannot see the update in wp-admin panel, go to wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates and click “Check Again” button.).

What is new in WPJobBoard 4.4.3?

Until now, resume edition both in wp-admin and frontend was really time-consuming, you need to edit each panel separately, wait for a page to load, fill the form, save it go back to My Resume view rinse and repeat for another panel. Version 4.4.3 resolves this problem, now the whole resume can be edited from a single page, with a user-friendly interface. Play the short video below to see how it works.

Aside from the resumes management there is as usually a couple of small improvements and bug fixes

  • Ability to login using email (this was actually possible when WordPress made it possible but now also the label in login form reads “Username or Email” instead of “Username”. As a bonus, you can download and use a free “Register Using Email” addon which will remove the “Username” field from both Employer and Candidate registration forms.
  • Updated Resume Completion calculation – specifically when Experience and Education fields are trashed they are not being included in the calculations.
  • Automatic Updates via SSL – WPJobBoard communicates and downloads WPJB updates over secure SSL connection.
  • WPJB incorrectly restricting access to My Resume Avatar, on some configurations this made avatars display as “broken” images.
  • Versioning assets (CSS and JavaScript files) to make sure that after upgrading WordPress will load new (not cached) assets.
  • Few XSS vulnerabilities removed (not disclosing where for security reasons).
  • JavaScript was not loaded properly on complete payment pages.
  • Some phrases marked incorrectly for translation.

Jobeleon 1.3.3

Latest Jobeleon version has two updates if you are updating WPJobBoard make sure to update Jobeleon as well.

  • Listing Type field on Add Job Page updated to match the new look default WPJobBoard template has since version 4.4.2.
  • My Resume template files updated, so the Jobeleon can take advantage of new My Resume editor.

Download list of modified files here.


Version 4.4.2 Advanced Import UI and Listing Type Redesign

WPJobBoard 4.4.2 was just released along with Jobeleon, it should become available in your wp-admin panel within 24 hours, if you do not want to wait go to wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates panel and click “Check Again” button it should allow you to update instantly.

Along with WPJB 4.4.2, Jobeleon 1.3.2 was released, the Jobeleon update is optional, the old one should work fine with latest WPJobBoard version.

What’s new?

Updated XML Import – Until now the import either finished or was proccessing XML file forever, in latest version it will either finish or display an error explaining what went wrong. More over each imported item will have its own log informing Admin if the item was inserted or updated and show notices (for example if you are trying import meta field which does not exist).

There is also one change in the import itself, until now if the <id> tag was provided WPJB would either update item with this ID or skip this item, in version 4.4.2 if <id> is provided, but does not exist in database WPJB will create an item with this ID.

From the image above you can see that one job was added, one application, company and resume were update. Additionally 5 warnings occured when updating application and one warning when importing company.

The warnings do not stop the import, they only inform Admin that some data was not added.

Redesigned Listing Type – In [wpjb_jobs_add] “Listing Type” field was redesigned, the goal was to make the “Listing Type” field stand out from the rest of the fields, so the user will know he is selecting how much (and if) he will be charged and how long his listing will be displayed. In version 4.4.2 Listing Type will look like on the image below

Other changes

  • FEATURE: redirect_to and form_only params in [wpjb_jobs_search] and [wpjb_resumes_search] shortcodes.
  • FEATURE: job_id param in [wpjb_apply_form] shortcode.
  • FEATURE: Approved, Active, Is Filled and Is Featured columns added in wp-admin / Job Board / Jobs, Screen Options and CSV Export.
  • FIXED: Required JavaScript does not load on finish payment page.
  • FIXED: Screen Options does not show when labels are changed in left wp-admin sidebar.
  • FIXED: Indeed Backfill optimization, disabled some DB queries not required when searching Indeed.
  • FIXED: Logo files missing in CSV export.
  • FIXED: Some random “s” letter showing when editing categories.

Download list of modified files here.


4.4.1 Responsive wp-admin and File Uploads

WPJobBoard 4.4.1 has been just released, and you should be able to get either using automatic updates or from client panel.

Responsive wp-admin panel.

Until now job board wp-admin did not behave well, when viewing it using mobile device, this was fixed and now all the WPJB pages in wp-admin panel are responsive and you can manage your job board using mobile device just as good as when viewing it using desktop.

Drag and drop file uploads.


Uploading files especially when sending job applications is a crucial part of job board, yet usually no one likes to do it, you click on the button, search for a file on your system and then upload it. With new drag and drop file uploads users can just drag a file from their computer into browser window and have it uploaded, it’s easy, takes a lot less time to do and will definitely encourage users to fill job application forms.

Linking files from Media Library.

On the image above you can also see “media library …” button, this will allow users to use a file already uploaded into Media Lbrary, if you are using the same logos for most of the jobs this will allow you to save a lot of disk space and make selecting files even faster ( Download Woocommerce Plugins ).

Note that the “media library …” button will show only to users with upload_files capability (basically Administator and Editor), if you want to make it visible to other users as well, you need to grant upload_files capability to this roles.

Uploading files from Dropbox


If this is not easy enough, we also prepared a free add-on which will allow your users upload files directly from their Dropbox account. This is a must have add-on if your users are often applying from mobile devices, they usually do not have files there, but have the file on their Dropbox account.

Download Upload From Dropbox add-on.

Files preview

Finally the new file upload allows to quickly preview uploaded files without opening new window or downloading them to your computer.



This will work for most image, PDF, video and audio files, unfortunately won’t work for Microsoft Office files, as brwosers are not able to natively open this files.

Other changes

Aside of some major changes listed above, the version 4.4.1 has folowing bug fixes and some small tweaks

  • FEATURE Jobeleon Update Notification, if you are using Jobeleon and the WPJB version you are using requires a newer Jobeleon you will see notification in wp-admin panel.
  • REMOVED “Attention! This job is …” message was removed as it was causing a lot of confusion and users often wanted to hide it. If you were using this feature and want to continue using, then you need to copy code available in WPJobBoard Snippets Library into your theme functions.php file.
  • FIXED Incorrect error message in login forms when reCAPTCHA value is incorrect.
  • FIXED Make it possible to translate “Job Board” and “Settings (WPJB)” menus in wp-admin panel.
  • FIXED Allow to add items to “WPJobBoard Menu” widget without saving it first.
  • FIXED Resume Status does not change properly
  • FIXED Resume Files security, unprivileged users can no longer see files uploaded into resume, even if they know a full URL to the file. On existing site to enable this file protection go to wp-admin / Settings / Permalinks panel and click “Save Changes” button to reset WordPress router.
  • FIXED Renaming admin menu items removes “Screen Options” on Application, Employers and Resumes pages.
  • FIXED Some Google Maps related files not being loaded.
  • FIXED Automatically generate job slug if not provided when posting a job from wp-admin panel.

Jobeleon 1.3.1

Jobeleon had mainly updates required to make it compatible with latest WPJobBoard version, additionally one annoying bug in responsive version was fixed. The bug made WPJB leave some blank space on the right side.

You can download list of modified files here wpjb-441-jobeleon-131.txt.

Version 4.4.0 – Better checkout and taxes

Version 4.4.0 was just released today, this update includes few major changes mainly in payments, if you wish to upgrade please do it on a test / development server first or at least backup your site before upgrading … so what’s new?

Redesigned Checkout

This is a major change in how payments are being handled (and a first step to WooCommerce integration). First thing you will notice is that fields “Payment Gateway” and “Discount Code” were removed from Add Job form and were added to the Checkout (third step).

This allows to manage all payments related data from one place, and on top of that users who abandon checkout have ability to finish payment later, the link is visible in Employer Dashboard or Administrator can send them link by email (maybe even with a discount code to encourage user to publish an Ad).

On top of that when payment is finished user can see clear instructions on what to do next (this is specifically useful with payment method like Stripe where whole payment is done on site).

See video below to check how the new checkout, taxes and stripe work togheter in order to create wonderful user experience.


New version allows to configure Taxes, if you enable them from wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Taxes panel in the checkout the tax will be added to the price (or the price will include tax depending on your choice).


This feature is already documented in knowledge base on Taxes page.

Stripe Update

Stripe integration was rebuilt, it now stores Stripe customer id for each client, which allows users to safely store their credit cards (on Stripe servers) and quickly re-use them when making a payment.

Additionally the Stripe payment form was rebuilt so it will always display nicely as any other WPJobBoard form.

Google Maps

There were two changes to Google Maps, first when searching by location the map will automatically move to the closest result.

We also fixed problem with multiple pins in a single location, since version 4.4.0, when there is more than one pin in the same spot the modal window with information about job will have pagination and will allow to browse details for each job.


Browsing Jobs in Employer Dashboard

Until now Employers could see only Active and Expired jobs, in version 4.4.0 tab “Pending” was added it will display jobs in moderation and jobs pending payment (with a link to finish payment).


User Registration

Dependency on “Anyone can register” option in wp-admin / Settings / General panel was removed. For some time now the registration forms are created using shortcodes, so if you do not want to allow user registration just trash pages with [[wpjb_employer_register]] and [[wpjb_candidate_register]], having this dependency was confusing and users often did not understand how to enable registration.

Some minor changes

  • FIXED Bug not allowing to view job applicant resume in some cases.
  • FIXED Importing candidates and employers from CSV
  • FIXED Replaced eregi_replace() with preg_replace() to make WPJB compatible with PHP7.
  • FEATURE Do not allow currently logged in user, to delete his own account when deleting Employers or Candidates
  • API Allow file uploads on candidate registration
  • API Additional filters in Education and Experience


As usually with WPJB relase a new version of Jobeleon is released as well. If you are going to upgrade to version 4.4.0 this is a mandatory upgrade for you as well (latest WPJB will not work properly with older Jobeleon versions if you are using payments).

Aside of making Jobeleon compatible with WPJB there are two main changes in Jobeleon itself: compatibility with hentry microformat, fixed some incorrectly set language domains (sometimes “wpjobboard” was being used instead of “jobeleon” which made some phrases not translatable).

View list of changed files.


4.3.4 – Massive Indeed Update

Indeed Update

Version 4.3.4 was just released. The main feature in the new version is updated integration with Indeed, right now aside of importing jobs into your database, you can configure the integration to automatically append jobs to the jobs list. This will make your site look active and filled with jobs even if you have just one internal job.

When clicking on job title, the new integration goes to Indeed site, so there are no job details pages, however having it developed this way allows to earn commissions on sponsored clicks.

The “how to” is already fully documented in knowledge base, see the Indeed Integration.

Application Statuses

The new WPJB version allows to customize job application statuses: create, edit and delete them, select default application status and apply custom email templates that will be sent when application status is changed.

Other Changes

Aside of Indeed update there are following updates and fixes in this release:

  • plupload updated to the one WP is using, this will fix file upload into job description and improve security.
  • Proper payment method selection when Listing Type field is hidden.
  • XML/CSV export stopping with large amount of data.
  • XML export, textarea custom fields values are now wrapped inside CDATA.
  • Params not passed properly when running application/company/resume export.
  • API encryption not handled properly.
  • URL validator updated.
  • Visual Editor fixed  loop occurring when trying to change name for existing field.
  • Loading WPJobBoard Menu widget scripts.
  • Improved Login API (allows to insert additional links on Employer and Cadidate login pages).
  • Incorrectly closed tags in breadcrumbs.
  • Ability to create new email templates
  • Generating proper category and job type URLs when [wpjb_jobs_list] is on front page.
  • Google API Key check

Updates for developers

  • wpjb_email_template_objects and wpjb_email_template_customs filters, they allow to insert custom email template variables
  • wpjb_api_xml_params filter, allows to customize XML (Indeed, Simply Hired, Juju, Trovit and RSS) on the fly.
  • page_id param in [[wpjb_jobs_list]], [[wpjb_resumes_list]], [[wpjb_employers_list]] shortcodes, they allow to select page to which the form will be sent.
  • wpjb_candidate_name filter, allows to hide candidate from unprivileged users.
  • wpjb_restrict filter, allows to apply verification when downloading restricted files (by default Job Application attachments).

List of changed files you can download here wpjb-434-jobeleon-124.txt.

Version 4.3.3 (Full XML and CSV Import / Export)

WPJobBoard 4.3.3 is not available via automatic updates and in client panel. This release has a lot of small tweaks and changes, and one major feature very often requested – full XML and CSV Import / Export. The export part is really cool i think. It allows to either export whole job board data or just jobs, companies, resumes or applications. Further more you can filter (for example by keyword) which data you wish to export. Finally when exporting to CSV you can select which columns you wish to export (see image below).


The Export Manager like visible above is available in wp-admin panel on Jobs, Companies, Resumes and Applications panels.

Other changes in version 4.3.3

There is also quite a lot of internal changes they are either bug fixes or some small improvements:

  • Feature. PayPal accept payments with tax added.
  • Feature. Improved design in WPJB Configuration and Custom Fields.
  • Feature. Sorting meta data on details pages by order set in custom fields.
  • Feature. Improved user selection in wp-admin / Job Board / Membership panel.
  • Feature. “country”, “state” and “city” can now be passed to [wpjb_jobs_list] via GET.
  • Feature. Updated FontAwesome icons.
  • Fixed. Transient ID generation.
  • Fixed. Do not save sort_order when saving job alert.
  • Fixed. LinkedIn Applications not saved properly.
  • Fixed. List all available LinkedIn accounts when configuring LinkedIn integration.
  • Fixed. wp-admin / Job Board / Applications does not filter by date correctly.
  • Fixed. Candidate Dashboard displays only 2 applications per page.
  • Fixed. Installation fails on some servers.
  • Fixed. Use home_url instead of site_url
  • Fixed. Hide warnings on logout.
  • Fixed. Access not granted instantly when users purchase access using credits.
  • Fixed. Typo in “internship” word.
  • Fixed. Delete custom post type when deleting resume.
  • Fixed. Facebook integration update.

Jobeleon 1.2.3

Along with WPJB 4.3.3, Jobeleon 1.2.3 was released, the update contains one change only, it removes “colored” icons and replaces them with font icons, this makes creating new theme color scheme easier as now the icons will automatically use theme colors.

You will find list of changes files here.

Email Verification – Free Addon

One of the most requested feature is ability to verify registering user email address. Today we are releasing free addon that allows to do that for both Employer and Candidate registration.

Basically the addon will replace “Password” and “Re-type Password” field with text “Password will be emailed to you”, as visible on image below:


Once user registers, instead of being automatically logged in he will be ask to check his inbox to find and find his password there. The addon can be extended using actions and filters. You can change: the page where users are sent after registration, registration success message and the “Password will be emailed to you text”.

You can find the plugin in Knowledge Base in document Random User Password.

WPJobBoard 4.3.2 Better Geo Location and Bug Fixes

You should not have access WPJobBoard 4.3.2 via automatic updates, while this version is not packed with great new features (unfortunately) it has a big list of small bug fixes and improvements. If you are using version 4.3.0 or newer this is a must have update.

Here is what we did in version 4.3.2

  • Map Auto Locate – the [wpjb_map] shortcode has now a auto_locate param which allows to center map on visitor current location.
  • Disabled Job/Company/Resume Archives – the default WP archives will redirect now to default pages (set in “Default Pages and URLs panel”) this is to avoid having data listed on different pages with different layouts which might confuse users.
  • Apply From LinkedIn – recently LinkedIn changed terms of use for the Apply From LinkedIn API, if you are using this feature and want to continue using it, you have to upgrade and reconfigure this integration as described in updated docs.
  • Allow non-ascii characters in URLs – this is useful especially if you are running site in Chinese or Arabic language
  • Fixed WP_Editor incorrect HTML parsing in WP 4.3
  • Fixed Facebook API scope updated
  • Fixed paging when using [wpjb_jobs_list] on homepage
  • Fixed default pricing selected incorrectly in Add Job Form
  • Fixed profile percentage calculation (sometimes it did not allowed to get to 100%)
  • Fixed slug generation with Permalinks disabled
  • Fixed candidate can now always see his resume, regardless of access settings
  • Fixed generating list of enabled payment methods
  • Fixed WPJB hides all the Screen Options tabs in wp-admin panel
  • Fixed Smart Alerts Fatal Error
  • Fixed Incorrect redirection when creating Candidate from wp-admin panel
  • Fixed Incorrect redirection when adding Experience or Education to resume
  • Internal: Optimization in loading meta data
  • Internal: Better handling for Notices and Warnings

Jobeleon 1.2.2

While the WPJobBoard itself does not have much features, there is one great feature in Jobeleon, a template file meant to be used on homepage it will display a big map with active jobs, filters to narrow jobs search and list of jobs beneath … well just take a look at screen below


This Page Template has a couple of options that will allow to configure map: unit of length (either miles or km), max radius (maximum value in slider), map center, map height and auto locate (if you want to automatically center map to current user location).

Automating WPJobBoard Tasks

This is a post by Jeff Gipson from ​Recruiters Websites, he is a talented web developer specializing in recruitment websites and recently developed awesome tool for automating WPJobBoard tasks 

Looking for a flexible automation tool to use with WPJobBoard? Now you can connect WPJobBoard to hundreds of web apps using We Wired Web (WWW) at https://wewiredweb.com.

WWW is the next generation of web automation tools. Each automated task in WWW can consist of one or more triggers that invoke one or more actions.

No technical skills are needed to create automated tasks. Just simply point and click on the presented options as you connect triggers and actions together.



Complex scheduling rules can be defined so that your tasks only process during certain windows of time, e.g. Monday thru Friday 9am-5pm.

The really unique thing about WWW is that all triggers and actions are implemented as visual wiring diagrams. The WPJobBoard action to create new job postings can be viewed at https://wewiredweb.com/editor/assemblyEditor.html?assembly_uuid=c94c0ff0e30443638d7fd1cc8362903c.

People with some basic technical skills can customize the system with the assembly wiring editor. It is an open sandbox with over 150 data processing parts that can connect to API’s and transform data. Each processing part has a sample assembly to demonstrate its usage. Over 1,700 assembly wiring diagrams are already in the system to learn from and copy.

If you need custom processing but can’t or don’t want to do it yourself, you can pay to have customizations implemented for you. Since there is usually no coding involved, the fee to build customized functionality is usually very modest. Most custom functionality can be provided within a day or two, payable upon your satisfaction.

So if you need complex workflow automations or custom data processing, give We Wired Web a try!

Jeff Gipson
​Recruiters Websites


Application URL addon update (1.1)

Our most popular free addon Application URL (allows to provide job application url that will be used instead of default application form), was just updated. If you are using this addon and you have WPJB 4.3.0 or newer installed then this is must have update as the older addon version will not work with latest WPJB / Jobeleon version.

The addon you can download from Application URL plugin page. In order to upgrade just overwrite old files (but do NOT deactivate the addon as this will delete application URLs).

Version 4.3.1 – Custom Menu Widget and Custom Columns in wp-admin

It’s been about two weeks since we released version 4.3, we got your feedback / bug reports and now we are releasing version 4.3.1 which has all the reported issues fixed and as a bonus we are adding 2 new great features:

Custom Menu Widget – for a very long time WPJB used Job Board Menu and Resumes Menu widgets to allow users to navigate to different parts of job board. We made it easier with version 4.3.0 (in shortcoded mode) and now in version 4.3.1 we are adding Custom Menu widget which allows to build custom menu using drag and drop editor. Aside of selecting links for menu you can control how will be able to see which link and even visualize links  with icons. You can read more about this in Custom Menu Widget article in KB.

This is how the Custom Menu Widget can look like.

This is how the Custom Menu Widget can look like.

Custom Columns in wp-admin Panel – in wp-admin panel when browsing: Jobs, Applications, Companies and Resumes we enabled “Screen Options” tab (in top right) which allows to select which columns you want to see, you can select from builtin and custom fields.

Ability to make expired jobs pages visible – currently when job expired the job page only showed a message explaining that the job does not exist, from now on you can enable in wp-admin option that will display expired job details pages, but without ability to apply to them. This option is mainly for SEO purposes, to keep your pages indexed even after job expires.

Additionally there are following bug fixes:

  • Logout link not working
  • Fatal Error when activating plugin on some servers
  • wpjb_jobs_list shortcode links not pointing to proper URLs (in embedded mode)
  • DatePicker not working in the wp-admin panel
  • Locations widget displaying empty location
  • General Application Form sending application to incorrect URL
  • Candidate Job Application notification sent to incorrect email address
  • Facebook integration scope update
  • Facebook added Reset Configuration button

If you are using version 4.3.0 this is a recommend update.

If you are using Jobeleon or Jobeleon child theme, remember to update your Jobeleon theme to version 1.2.1, you can download it at any time from client panel.