Changes on WPJobBoard website

In the following month i am going to implement few changes on this website … in fact i am going to rewrite it. There are few reasons for it. First i need a better admin panel to help you more effectively, second i want to make ordering even more simplified and third i want you to make money from WPJobBoard, therefore i am in the process of creating affiliate program when one will be receive commision (about 20% to 30%) for each sale.

Obviously that does not mean i will stop working on WPJobBoard 3.0, far from it. In the meantime i will collect feedback and implement improvements and i hope to get stable version (although beta version seems already stable enough) released in April, i won’t tell the exact date because i am myself not sure when it will be.

I want to make a “double launch” (if you will) and release stable version along with upgraded official WPJobBoard site.

By the way, i am courious how many of you reading this post are interested in becoming WPJobBoard affiliate?

  1. Lisa

    To be honest, I don’t think this is a mass plugin. What I mean is that it is a niche and not a plugin like wp-cache that most wp users want. So becoming an affiliate will no be that interesting. I would rather see you invest more time in the product 🙂

  2. Greg

    @Lisa, thanks for the comment! I agree, WPJobBoard is a niche product so the sale potential might not be as big as for some mainstream software, although i want to give it a try either way :).

    As for the product, it’s always been my top priority, i want to get 3.0 top notch and then i will want to implement additional features.

  3. Hey Greg, I think an affiliate scheme would be awesome and would defo be interested. Either to sell as an off-the-shelf job site package or as an add-on for existing sites.



  4. Greg

    @Duncan that’s great, thanks!

  5. An affiliate program would be cool, although I think I’d set a low payout amount because as Lisa mentioned, it’s rather niche. I’m working on a client site now and am going to have them purchase your plugin to run a board, so an affiliate program would be nice.

  6. Greg

    @Randa thanks for the comment. I was thinking about payout starting from $50, that’s about 2 copies sold.

    In fact i was thinking about recuring income, everytime client you refered renews license (usually to get access to updates) you again earn percentage of that.

  7. A forum will be great. So users can contribute with some tips and hacks…

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