Debugging WordPress Plugin

Today i wanted to share with you, one awesome tool i am using when developing WPJobBoard (and other WordPress projects) as well. The tool is called BlackBox – WordPress Debug Bar and it’s available in the WordPress plugin directory for free. If you are a WordPress developer go ahead try it out and let me know what you think.

Idea for BlackBox came from developing websites in symfony, basically symfony has great debug bar that makes development easier. I wanted to have something similar for WordPress but could find nothing that would suite my needs so i decided to write my own.

You will find full description with screenshots in WP plugin director, here is just a small excerpt with what BlackBox can help you with: BlackBox is a plugin for plugin and theme developers. It collects and displays useful debug information (errors, executed queries, globals, profiler).

BTW. In the mean time i released WPJobBoard 3.3.4 which has some fixes for bugs (found usually by community) and one tiny new feature.

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