Editor access in WPJobBoard 4.0.3

One thing i forgot to mention in 4.0.3 release post is that from now on, users with role Editor (or more preceisely with capability edit_pages) will be able to see “Job Board” menu in wp-admin panel, but not the “Settings (WPJB)” menu.

Who can see what in wp-admin panel.

Who can see what in wp-admin panel.

In other words, Editors now can manage job board data (that is jobs, resumes, applications, candidates and employers), but they cannot configure WPJB, only administrator can do that. This was a common request so, yeah it is avaialble now.

  1. Hi,
    Would it be possible to implement an ‘Author’ user role that would give the user editor-style access, but only to their jobs that they’ve posted?

    • Greg

      I am afraid this will not really be possible.

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