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Ok, it’s free only for WPJobBoard owners, once you buy the plugin you will have access to the theme. I could release it as a free to all, however the theme requires WPJobBoard 3.3 to work, so there is really no point in releasing it to general public. That being said, i want to make a Lite version (without files and function required by the WPJobBoard) and publish it in WordPress Theme Directory, probably, soon enough after my job board theme will be released … and while i am at it, the scheduled release is for 29th November 2010.

Why WordPress Job Board Theme? The main idea behind WPJobBoard was to make it work with every theme, however some users ask me if i could recommend them a theme, well i couldn’t … until now :). By any means i do not consider my self to be a designer so i decided to team up with Thanos Papavasiliou. Thanos did great job not only designing the theme, but with information architecture and UI as well. I truly believe that as for now it’s the best WordPress Job Board Theme available.

Enough with the talk, here is the first official job board theme screenshot, taken on my Ubuntu Linux.

Click to enlarge

  1. How can I upgrade from 3.0.1 to the last version? Just overwrite the new files to the folder? Or I’ve to uninstall and make a new installation?

  2. yes!! i will have to dl this one now~! 🙂 thank you sir.

  3. Great theme, is your plugin the one used by appthemes for their JobRoller theme?

  4. Greg

    Thanks, I don’t think they are using WPJobBoard, in very least this would be against my license.

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