Free WPJobBoard Extensions

Did you know that in WPJobBoard Knowledge Base you can find (small) directory of plugins that extend WPJobBoard functionality?

If not, feel free to see the Snippets and Plugins database. Ok database is a strong word as there are only few plugins there, but still this are most requested extensions that will most probably (for some reason) never make it to WPJB core. On top of that, those plugins show how to use WPJobBoard hooks/filters and API, so they might be valuable resource when you will want to develop your own extension.

Since i do not believe in charging for every piece of code, all of the extensions in the KB are free to download, use and modify. Your welcome!

Lastly, maybe the extensions DB is missing something you would like to have, if so post it in the comments section, while i cannot guarantee we will develop all the ideas we will definitely take a look at the most requested ones.

  1. Implement in built CV sending when apply for job.

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