Get ready for WPJobBoard 3.6.0

WPJobBoard 3.6.0 is here, and you can download it from new unified client panel.

In the update there is some long awaited functionality.

  1. First of all TinyMCE in job description (although this will work only with WordPress 3.3 or newer, if you are using earlier WP version WPJobBoard will use simple Textarea instead).
  2. Some of you want to hide “Apply Online” form, now there is an option for that in job board configuration.
  3. for developers: wpjb_messanger hook, allows to “hook into” any notification that WPJB sends and modify email recipient, body, title and/or headers.
  4. also for developers wpjb_jobs_list shortcode, allows to display formatted and filtered jobs list anywhere on site (that is anywhere you can use shortcodes)
  5. finally there is “Mark as Paid” link on Payments list in wp-admin, this allows to mark any payment as paid, it is helpful when using “offline” payment methods like cash or bank transfer.

As usual, new version comes with some bug fixes, most noticable are: restarting WP router when jobs slug is changed, displaying additional fields in Application form in wp-admin panel and dedicated “job alert” confirmation page.

  1. Mojo

    Good news.

    Is it possible to add TinyMCE to “My resume details”?

    Thank you for your great job.

    • Greg

      As for now, i am afraid not, however i will soon post in knowledge base how to add it.

  2. Ale

    Hi, which is the correct and safe procedure to update to the new version?

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