HostGator Outage

Today, HostGator was (and maybe as i am writing this) is experiencing an outage, it started about 5 hours ago (at 5pm GMT+1).

The official WPJobBoard website was down as well as update server (so if you were trying to enter WPJB license in configuration you were probably unable to) and worst of all email server, if you will not receive response to your question within 24 hours counting from now please resend your question.

  1. Hello, strongly recommend to leave out HostGator.
    I hosted with them more than 4 years in VPS for 50$/month. everything was slow, i need to alwase restart the server. support some times dont know what to do. Decision was HARD! move site to Amazon Ec2
    1. everything runing like a streetracer car
    2. they got Free tier for 1st year 🙂
    3. saving 20/month , now i pay 30/m

    i’m looking for solution for my new career project , jumping from forums to wordpress.. always not that case that i’m looking for 🙁

    • Greg

      Thanks for the comment, for me problems started when they moved me to new data center on or two months ago, as far as i can tell HostGator is now propert of BlueHost. Either way i was thinking about moving to LiquidWeb, but will look into Amazon EC2.

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