Introducing Jobeleon

Jobeleon is a new WordPress job board theme compatible with WPJobBoard 4.0, the funny name is a play on words, it simply means a job board theme that can easily change colors. By default Jobeleon comes with 4 different colors: green, mint, red and blue (maybe there will be some additional colors in the future).

The new theme (along with WPJobBoard 4.0) was uploaded to the demo site and you can see it here.


  1. I really like the new Jobeleon theme! Great job 😉 When will it be available for customers like me to download?
    Thx, Marco

    • Thanks for the comment @Marco, if you already purchased WPJobBoard then you can download new theme from Client Panel (the access information are in purchase confirmation email).

  2. How do you change the colour scheme? (Apart from the red, green, blue)

  3. @Alex, you will need to dig in the theme CSS file and update some of the images in order to do that.

  4. Found it, for anyone reading this the main colour settings are in the functions.php file.

    It’s confusing no idea why there are so many colour settings across the CSS files and the functions.php, it could all be in one file.

    Also there are a few issues with the responsive layout, especially on iPhones, who should I send these to?


  5. Where do I download the Jobeleon Theme?

    • Greg

      @ben, the theme can be downloaded from client panel at the access informations are in purchase confirmation email.

  6. Mark Boudreau

    Is this theme responsive? Is it up to the theme or the plugin to be responsive?

    • Greg

      The Jobeleon theme is responsive, you can actually check this on the demo site. Usually it is the theme role to be responsive not plugin.



    Could you please tell me what are places I need to make changes to change the color of the theme ?

    • Hi, you can select from one of Jobeleon color schemes in wp-admin / Appeareance / Customize panel. Additionally if you want to create your own color scheme by adding following code in your thee functions.php file (or by creating a new plugin and pasting the code there)

      add_filter('jobeleon_color_scheme', 'my_jobeleon_color_scheme');
      function my_jobeleon_color_scheme($color) {
      return array(
      'normal_color' => 'orange',
      'darken_color' => 'darkorange'

      Just replace “orange” and “darkorange” with colors you would like to use, it can be text like in the example or hex color value.

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