Job board sales stats dashboard widget (3.4.1)

It’s been about week since 3.4.0 release and here is next release available. As usually it contains bug fixes for problems found in previous version and two new features. If you are already running version 3.4.0 this is recommended upgrade.

As for the new features. The first one is sales stats interactive widget. Basically it shows income and orders volume from previous 7 or 30 days. See below how it looks.

Sales stats dashboard widget

The second feature is JSON API. In theory it will allow you to easily create dynamic job board applications like Crebs or Hispanoxion. I wrote in theory, because you will still need to know JavaScript/AJAX in order to do this. The API allows job searching, viewing single job, as well as searching and viewing resumes.

In feature it will also allow to send job applications and subscribe to resumes. Either way, soon enough you will see on WPJobBoard Theme, how powerful the JSON API is and what can be done with it.

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