The Job Board SEO Benefit: Content Relevant to Job Seekers and Employers

What’s the job board SEO benefit? A  job board on your website is its potential to increase visits from search engines. There are specific search engine optimization reasons to install WPJobBoard. When you list jobs on your site, job seekers using search engines can find your site. When you list candidate descriptions on your site, employers using search engines can find your site. WPJobBoard allows website stakeholders to publish the content that’s relevant and is easy to link to, frequently. This turns search engine users into visitors that are valuable for your business.

The Job Board SEO Benefit of WPJobBoard

The job board SEO potential is enormous. Here’s why: search engine optimization (SEO) involves publishing quality content that meets technical and quantitative criteria search engines expect. Doing SEO correctly causes search engines to show links to your content in search engine results pages (SERPs). WPJobBoard was designed to allow website stakeholders to publish jobs easily, perform the functions of an applicant tracking system on its back-end, and at the same time meet the exact criteria search engines are looking for.

How does Google link to a Job Board?

Google sends robots to websites, to crawl and index the content, seeing what the site is about and deciding which search terms match the site. Then Google uses all the data about sites it’s collected in it’s giant database to determine what sites are shown when search engine query the engines with terms. The terms that people input into search engines vary. Some queries can have only one word, like “jobs”. Other queries can be complex sentences like “Show me the jobs in Atlanta, Colombus, and Augusta Georgia requiring programming skills.” People use Google in lots of different ways and get a lot of different types of information back from Google. Google gives its users

When someone searches for something on Google, using a specific term, for example “clerical worker NYC”, Google doesn’t just give one type of result any more. Now, Google returns many different types of results, categorized. The classic web link list is still present in the same basic form it has been show since Google was established. In addition, now there’s image results, video results, news results and recently a new and exciting type of result has been added: job results. Additionally, Google doesn’t give everyone the same results: the results a search engine user receives vary depending on their location and the device they’re using. Mobile users in Breckenridge, CO get different results from desktop searchers in Florida when searching for “sushi chef jobs”.

Job Board SEO is More Important Than Ever

A big update just occurred with the Google Search Engine: now it’s listing jobs!  This new type of search engine result, Google Job Listings, is super-important to users of WPJobBoard.  In the next few weeks we’ll be focusing on these new changes in upcoming blog posts. We’ll keep you informed on how we’re reacting to these changes and how you can follow best practices for these new changes when you use WPJobBoard.

There might be millions of results returned when someone searches using a popular term, for example: jobs. This is because there are millions of pages listing jobs. This presents a problem for Google. Which of those millions of results should be shown first? Google’s uniqueness that propelled it to the top of the search engine food chain, before even Yahoo, is it’s use of algorithms to calculate whose site should come first. These algorithms gave Google the solution to the ranking problem. Whichever site meets the algorithmic criteria best gets shown first. Search Engine Optimization experts use the term “rank” to refer to the position a page has in the order of results shown. A “low rank” is good because you’re competing for the first positions, the lower the number of the position, the better because search engine users click on the results shown first. A link in position #1 gets around 30% of the clicks while the link in position #2 gets less than half that[1].

The next blog post will focus on exactly how WPJobBoard meets the criteria Google is looking for, digging deeper into job board SEO. We’ll reveal how SEO theory is applied in the way WPJobBoard publishes jobs. You’ll understand how your job listings are optimized for the future too. Read more about it in our next post.

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  1. I’m looking forward to reading more greg. Your plugin is top notch and I’ve been wondering lately how you were going to approach the whole Google jobs API and markup. Keep up the good work.

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