Membership Packages (4.1 sneak peek)

As some of you may already know version 4.1 will be available in middle of January, it will include multiple improvments, updates and a couple of new features. The most awaited one are probably membership packages which i am presenting in this sneak peek.

So, what are membership packages? Well, you can think of them as subscriptions, in wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Pricing, Administrator will now have ability to create a new product expiring or not out of existing “Single Job Pricing” and “Single Resume Access” products.

For example such membership package can include 50 featured job postings, unlimited free job postings and unlimited access to resumes for 30 days, but you can also sell it as products for example 30 featured job postings with no expiration date.

I was thinking of scenarios which would NOT be possible to build using membership packages and so far i wasn’t able to think of any, as cliche as it sounds the possibilities seem to be endless, but i guess will see about that once WPJB 4.1 will be released.

So, since 1 picture is worth 1000 words here are 5 pictures for you.


  1. Perfect. Any plans for membership packages to employee not only for employers?

  2. Greg

    I do have some plans in regards to charging Employees, however this has low priority right now as this is not that much requested feature and if it is then usually as a “nice to have”.

  3. I cant wait for this! 🙂 Hopefully there is also more control on the Resumes. What fields can be displayed besides contact info.

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