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I used to update you on development status with my old Twitter account (, currenlty if you access this URL, you will see some random jobs posted, that’s a WPJobBoard 3.0 at work or more accurately automatic job import, url shortening and job tweeting at work.

I no longer use that account aside of testing WPJobBoard functionality. If you would like to follow me on Twitter use my new account

It’s mainly for personal stuff and communication but there WPJobBoard updates will be probably posted there as well.

  1. Hi Greg,

    When are you likely to release the 3.0 plugin. Looking forward for it.

  2. Greg

    Hi Kathir, i hope to get it out this month, although amount of work i have currently (not related to WPJobBoard) is so big that i am not really sure.

    WPJobBoard is now in the Beta, which means i am not writing new features, just fixing bugs.

  3. Kathir

    Can you give a sneak peak on the features….

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