Multiple Job, Application, Company and Resume Form Versions (Beta)

After a few months of hard work, we are happy to announce we have finally reached a beta stage with our multiple form schemes functionality.

This functionality will be available in version 5.5.0 for everyone.

But … right now we need your help.

The new version will allow creating multiple version of the job, application, company and resume forms. This will allow you to have for example a different job application form depending on the category the job is assigned to.

Or maybe you would like to each job to have a different application form? … That is possible as well. Really with a forms API, the possibilities are endless.

That being said creating such a feature required us to rewrite the WPJB core a bit. To make sure the version 5.5.0 will work without any issues we are opening a beta program.

If you have WPJB Personal or Business license drop us an email to support at, in the title put “WPJB BETA PROGRAM” and in the content of the message include your license key.

We will grant you access to the beta version.

Below you can find few screenshots from the upcoming WPJB 5.5.0 version.



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