Native Analytics Extension

We just released a new Analytics extension all users with active Business License can download it from the client panel.

As you may or may not know, Google will be disabling access to the Universal Analytics API (at least in a way we were using it for our Google Analytics integration). Because of this we are deprecating the Google Analytics integration and introducing our own Analytics plugin.

This is actually something we were already planning for some time but Google’s decision to disable the UA only speed it up. There are a few reasons why a “native” extension is the way to go forward:

  • All the analytics data will now be stored on your own server and only you as a website administrator will have full access to it.
  • No more complicated signing up for API keys (in fact the first version of our Analytics extension does not have any options at all)
  • It is not possible to collect and display analytics data in a way that is more useful to your users.

A new way to show the data

While the first two points are pretty self-expeditionary, the last one might require some additional information.

The Google Analytics integration allowed showing the number of job details page views, unique page views, and the number of applications.

With the new Analytics plugin, we can collect information about the number of views on the jobs list (that is in the [wpjb_jobs_list] and [wpjb_jobs_search]), the number of individual page views, and a number of job applications.

This is much more actionable data for the Employer, for example, if the job is being viewed on the jobs list but has few page views then maybe a title needs adjustment to get more page views. If it is getting few list views then maybe it needs some promotion?

Analytics extension admin chart

The above image shows how the data is presented on the chart, if you are familiar with our GA extension you most likely noticed the chart is pretty similar, the only difference is that the chart shows both list view and page views.

Note that since we are no longer relying on the Google APIs (and are not limited by the number of API calls we can make a day) in the [wpjb_employer_panel] the employers can see the same chart for their jobs and change the start and end dates.

If you are going to give this plugin a try (and I hope you will) i would appreciate if you would share your experience in the comments.

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