New Year’s Resolutions

First week of a new year is usually a time of summary, to take a look at the last year (to see what went great and what not so much) and plan for the year ahead of you.

How was 2013 for WPJobBoard?

Not bad at all. The biggest win was releasing WPJB 4.0 and Jobeleon theme. Both of them were welcomed warmly by the community and are real improvement to what WPJB used to be. The biggest positive surprise for me was how often users used Jobeleon as theme since i am marketing WPJB mainly as a plugin.

Good decision was also hiring Jeeni as a half-time QA (quality assurence) tester, fresh pair of eyes really help find bugs and problems in the software.

I can’t think of anything that went particularly bad, i would say that even though the KB articles were rewritten for 4.0 the quality is less than satisfying.

What is ahead of us?

First of all version 4.1 which is planned for middle of January, the codebase is locked there will be just few more small changes there and i will be passing it to QA (if you would like to see what i do have planned there check out our Facebook).

Next up will be probably WPJobBoard officials site redesign, i am guessing this is not something you might be interested in but this is still on my roadmap.

We are planning native Android and iOS WPJobBoard apps. Users are checking their smartphones multiple times a day, showing them instant job notifications on their mobile devices seems like a great idea. It would be huge success to have them ready in the middle of the year.

In order to develop native mobile apps, the WPJobBoard would need to have a full OpenGraph-like API that will allow to remotely manage all WPJB data.

These are the biggest plans so far, other than that we will be doing multiple updates with small (yet important) UI and functionality improvements.

Happy New Year Everyone!

  1. Alex

    Hi Greg,

    I realise this is an ancient post, but did anything come of the IOS and Android Apps?

    I, too, think it would be a great idea to have notifications on users phones and am curious about how this could be possible in the future…



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