Official site updated

Finally (between doing support and preparing for ZCE) i managed to complete official site. First of all some of you might be disappointed because i decided there will be no affiliate program – at least for now. Mainly because it would be best if i would integrate it with e-junkie, plimus unfortunately i realized it to late.

Second there is no longer a “download page”, If you want to download WPJobBoard then go to login page and authenticate yourself using email and license number (basically you need to use the same data as for downloading).

Every client received 5% discount for future purchases (i am thinking about increasing it, but for now it’s 5%).

WPJobBoard 2.3 is no longer in sale (but it still can be downloaded), which means that WPJobBoard 3.0 became stable. The last change you’ll notice is aside of “WPJB single site license” you can now buy “WPJB multi site license”.

Ok, i think that’s all. Next to come is long awaited manual for WPJobBoard 3.0, WPJB 2.3 had PDF manual, but for 3.0 i am thinking of online manual.

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