WPJobBoard 5.5.3 – Bug fixes

We just released WPJobBoard 5.5.3, this is a small update with mainly bug fixes, small improvements and code optimizations.

The new update should show in your wp-admin panel within 24 hours. If you will not be able to see it after 24 hours go to wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates section and click “Check Again” it should show the update.

Below you can find a list of changes in WPJobBoard 5.5.3

Bug Fixes

  • The author suggestions in wp-admin – When you tried to type the user name in wp-admin job edition, suggest box was not visible. It is fixed now.
  • Trial – Trials were applied to both candidate and employer, no matter of membership type. It is fixed now, and candidate membership with trial mode will be applied only to the new candidates.
  • Fulltext search – In some combinations of text, the search returned an empty result. Fulltext search is more efficient now.
  • Notices – Some reported notices were removed
  • City & State autosuggest – With some themes, autosuggest for city and state were working but were not visible due to a CSS issue. It is fixed now, and suggestions should appear for all themes.
  • Application counting in wp-admin – In the wp-admin jobs page, the wrong number of applications were shown. It is corrected now.
  • Employer registration email – The registration confirmation message to admin and employer was sent without meta values.


  • apply_filters(“wpjb_xml_api_before_rss”, $wraper, $rss );
    New filter in RSS feed, where you can add additional attributes to opening <rss> tag.

WPJobBoard 5.5.2 – Stripe improvement

We just released WPJobBoard 5.5.2, this is a small update with mainly bug fixes, small improvements and code optimizations.

The new update should show in your wp-admin panel within 24 hours. If you will not be able to see it after 24 hours go to wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates section and click “Check Again” it should show the update.

Below you can find a list of changes in WPJobBoard 5.5.2

Bug Fixes

  • Stripe Recurring Payments – There were some issues with registering the recurring payments. To get the integration to work correctly you will need to update the Stripe WebHook see the “WebHook” section in the Stripe integration documentation here.
  • Disabling default files in e-mails – There was no option to disable default files send via e-mail when the user applies. Now there is such an option,
  • Form submission on file upload – It was possible to submit the form when some files were not fully uploaded. Now a form will not allow doing that,
  • Broken URL popup in resume description – When you used TinyMCE in resume form in wp-admin, popup to select URL was not loaded correctly. It is fixed,
  • Short e-mail template name – Field in the database was short, and do not allow to create new templates with longer names. The field is longer now,
  • Security – We improve plugin security in some cases,
  • Company Search Form – After search form was blank, instead of having search params, it is fixed now,
  • Number of applications in wp-admin – number of new applications in wp-admin was wrongly provided. Now it shows the correct number,
  • Missing <p> tags in job description – <p> tag was stripped from job description, tag is now allowed,
  • Category in advanced resume search – Advanced resume search do not allow to use category field, it is possible to use it now,
  • Custom Forms List – All custom forms were marked as default, now correct forms are marked as default,
  • Notices – Some reported notices were removed.
  • List of countries – We made some adjustments in the list of countries, to better match current status.

New Features

  • New filter wpjb_get_list_country – Filter allows adjusting the list of all countries,
  • New filter wpjb_stripe_data_single_payment – Allows to adjust Stripe payment information, to add metadata, or change default information send to Stripe,
  • New filter wpjb_paypal_data – Allows to adjust PayPal payment information, to add metadata, or change default information send to PayPal,
  • Responsive alert popup – Alert popup visible on the search page is now responsive,
  • New action wpjb_after_xml_import – Allows to manage imported object right after import via XML.

These changes affect only the WPJobBoard plugin so we are not updating the Jobeleon at this time.

Stripe Recurring Payments Taxes

When creating a Recurring Membership plans the plan is also saved in Stripe Dashboard / Products panel, this means that if you have the option “No, i will enter prices exclusive of tax” turned on in wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Taxes panel, and try to buy a membership it doesn’t include the tax.

The solution to this problem is to go to Stripe Dashboard / Billing / Tax Rates panel and click “Add New” button. The “Type”, “Region” and “Description” fields you can fill as you see fit.

In “Rate” field enter tax value equal to the one you have set in wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Taxes panel and in the dropdown next to it select “Exclusive” and save the new tax rates.

The last step is to paste in your theme functions.php file the code below

add_filter( "wpjb_stripe_subscription_create", function( $intent ) {
    $intent["default_tax_rates"] = array( 'txr_...' );
    return $intent;
} );

Just replace the ‘txr_…’ with the actual ID of tax rate you created in the previous step.

WPJobBoard 5.5.1 – Small improvements and bug fixes

We just released WPJobBoard 5.5.1, this is a small update with mainly bug fixes, small improvements and code optimizations.

The new update should show in your wp-admin panel within 24 hours. If you will not be able to see it after 24 hours go to wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates section and click “Check Again” it should show the update.

Below you can find a list of changes in WPJobBoard 5.5.1

Bug Fixes

  • Recurring Payment Issue – Payment was not created on new recurring payment buy. In new version issue not occurs.
  • <?php; in e-mail title – In e-mail templates, you may see <?php; text in e-mail title or content. New update removes this.
  • Double “;;” – Double semicolons removed from code.
  • Creating Employer from wp-admin – Previously there was an error when you try to create a new employer from wp-admin. Now you can do this.
  • Jobs search issues – New adjustments in job search fix the issues with some specific search criteria.
  • Notices – some notices that were visible before now are removed.

New Features

  • Form label instead of code – In wp-admin now you can see used form label, instead of code, which should be more convenient to use.
  • New Filter: “wpjb_jobs_query_groupresults” – Filter allows to fix pagination issue after some custom changes in the default job search query.

These changes affect only the WPJobBoard plugin so we are not updating the Jobeleon at this time.

WPJobBoard 5.5.0 – Multiple Forms and PSD2 compliance

We just released WPJobBoard 5.5.0 and you should soon see this update in your wp-admin panel. If you will not see it within 24 hours go to wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates panel and click the “Check Again” button it should show then.

New WPJB version introduces one new, big feature, and a few minor changes and updates and a very important update to Stripe integration.

Multiple Forms

Multiple forms editor

This is the feature we are most proud of. Many of you were asking us about the option to use the different form versions on different pages.

Now it is possible.

You can create multiple variations of the WPJB forms (including job, application, resume, company and search forms).

What was previously a “Custom Fields” panel is now a “Forms Manager”, to get there select wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Custom Fields panel. You will notice that instead of editing existing forms you now have an option to “Add New“.

The first forms manager iteration aside of creating form versions allows using “form_code” param in the shortcodes. The “form_code” should match a created form name.

Simple example: [wpjb_jobs_add form_code=”test”]

If you won’t provide param, active (or default) form will be used, if you have more then one active form, first on the list will be used as default.

Different application form based on job category

Now, you are probably wondering if it is possible to show different application form, based on job category? By default, no, but using a “wpjb_form_scheme” filter you can do that.

add_filter( "wpjb_form_scheme", "wpjb_form_scheme", 10, 3 );
function wpjb_form_scheme( $param, $context, $job_id ) {
    // We made this only for apply forms
    if( $context != "apply") {
        return $param;
    // We get category slug and search for form with code equal to category slug
    $job = new Wpjb_Model_Job( $job_id );
    $slug = $job->getTag()->category[0]->slug;
    $param['custom'] = rtrim( "wpjb_form_apply_" . $slug, "_" );
    return $param;

Now if you have a job with category set to “IT” (with slug “it”) then when a user will view the job details page after clicking a “Apply Online” button he will see the “it” form.

The form edition looks like before. Thre is only one change.

In the top right, you see 3 new fields.

  • Label – it is the name of the form scheme. This will be visible mainly in admin panel. Use a label which will allow you to identify what the form is for.
  • Code should contain only a-z, 0-9 and _ characters. The code is automatically generated from the Label. If you will want to display a selected form version then the value in the Code field should be used as the value of the “form_code” param.
  • Active checkbox allow selecting if the form is active or not, this checkbox will be implemented in one of next releases, for now you can think of it more as a “Default” form.

Jobs and Resumes List Search

Until now using the Custom Fields panel it was possible to customize only the [wpjb_jobs_search] and [wpjb_resumes_search] shortcodes.

Since version 5.5.0 it is now also possible to customize [wpjb_jobs_list] and [wpjb_resumes_list] search forms.

Adding files to e-mails

By default, WPJB attaches uploaded files only to job application emails.

Now you can add any file from available objects for certain e-mail template.

In wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Emails panel, while editing an email template at the bottom of the email template edition page, you will see new select fields with name “Attachment (object)”.

An “object” can be job, company, resume or application (depending on what variables are available in the email template). Using a dropdown you can choose which files from a certain object should be attached to this e-mail template.

Opening links in new tab

We know that opening some external pages in the same tab maybe not convenient.

Now, you can decide how certain URLs should behave. They can open either in the same or new tab.

In the Custom Fields editor, you can click edit (cog) icon next to a selected text field and in “Target” input select how the link on click should behave.

This work for any meta field, and also with company_website field in company form, and company_url field in job form, as both are displayed by default in the template, so you do not need to change anything in the template to make this work for both fields.

Print Template

We introduced the template printing some time ago, and you liked it. For testing, we put a template in code to save some development time.

Since you often use this feature and want to have more power over how the print looks like, we put the print template into a separate file.

Now you can find new two print templates in:


first, show how single application print will look like, second is made for printing more than one application at the same time. We do not use single print as part of multiple prints, to allow you to e.g. print table with names and phone numbers.

To make your own print template, just copy both files (or one if you only want to change one) to directory

wp-content/ themes/your_theme/wpjobboard/default/

And customize the copied files. Please note that this will require basic HTML and CSS knowledge, maybe even some basic PHP programming knowledge as well.

Stripe to European Union Regulations

On 14th September 2019, the new European Union regulations called PSD2 will be enforced. The regulations mainly affect EU banks but can indirectly affect website owners as well.

If you have EU based customers and you are charging them using Stripe integration (specifically using credit cards) then the new regulation affects you.

You will need to upgrade WPJB to version 5.5.0 to make sure the Stripe integration will continue to work without interruptions. If you fail to do that then some credit card payments might fail since the Stripe integration in WPJB 5.4 and older does not support 3-D Secure authentication.

The most important changes are in how WPJB communicates with Stripe server but you will also notice some changes in the frontend.

There are no longer multiple inputs in the Credit Card form, they were replaced with more intuitive Stripe Elements input. You will now also have the ability to select a default card (if you have more than one) and delete cards.

The second change is visible in membership payments. Due comply with the new regulations all the payments will go through Stripe Billing checkout. On the WPJB page the user will only need to click “Subscribe” button

Once he does that, the user will be redirected to the Stripe checkout, what is cool about that is the fact that you can enable different payment methods in this checkout.

After creating a subscription user will be redirected to fail or success page. You can set those pages in wp-admin -> Settings (WPJB) -> Configuration -> Stripe. If you do not provide landing page, the user will be redirected to default, simple page.

Other Enchantments

  • New filter “wpjb_use_default_query_search” – This filter allows you to avoid default full-text search by keyword. If you prefer to use your own custom configuration, you can disable default one.
  • New filter “wpjb_narrow_location_search” – There are some cities with the same name in different countries. On search when you do not provide a country it might find a good city but in the wrong country and show nothing. This filter allows you to narrow the search to a certain country by adding e.g. “, UK” to search query, to search only jobs in the United Kingdom.
  • New filter “wpjb_query_allowed_chars” – This filter allows you to set what characters are allowed in the keyword search. Characters not mentioned in this filter will be removed from the query. By default, we allow letters, numbers, and whitespaces.
  • ZipArchive requirement – When your server does not support ZipArchive you will see a notice about that. This library is required to use WPJobBoard export. Without it, export is not possible to execute. Some servers do not have this or have this disabled by default.
  • Memberships Pricings boxes class – each of the boxes on pricings list has it’s own unique class, to allow you to adjust it any way you want. Class is wpjb-single-membership-<ID> where <ID> is id of a membership.
  • Remove Application from employer dashboard – Employer can completely remove the application, this will allow your users to abide by European Union restrictions about private data.

Bug Fix

  • Redirection issues – Sometimes after deleting some object in wp-admin redirection throws an error. It should not happen anymore.
  • HTML in LinkedIn Description – LinkedIn do not allow HTML in shared post description. Now we striped HTML from the description, so HTML tags will be not visible anymore.
  • LinkedIn Warnings – There were some warnings on LinkedIn config page we removed them.
  • Meta fields for search – Meta fields were saved after search object was created. Because of that, it was not possible to add meta fields to search object. It is fixed now.
  • Is Searchable – There was an error when searchable restrictions for resumes was active, but there was no single resume with proper membership. It is fixed now.
  • Search with special chars – Some special chars in job search was causing the error. We limited available characters to letters, numbers, and whitespaces only. Also, we added new filter wpjb_query_allowed_chars, that allow you to manage available characters.
  • Import with emojis – When there was an emoji in job description during import, it causes the error. We strip emojis on import. The long-term solution for this is changing charset in the database, what we will probably perform in next updates.
  • Import e-mail issue – on companies import when new data chunk contains e-mail, old e-mail was overridden. We changed the code to save e-mail from a file only when it is not set.
  • Import skipped objects – because of the issue in counting objects, some objects may be not added to WPJobBoard during import via CSV. The issue is fixed.
  • Import resume notification – when the resume was imported without id but with user_email that was already in the database, import showed information that resume was added with id=0, now correct information about resume update is visible.
  • Import company notification – when the company was imported without id but with user_email that was already in the database, import showed information that resume was added with id=0, now correct information about company update is visible.
  • Datapicker width – on some occasions datepicker show up very narrow. We fixed this issue.
  • Company List Bug – Default filter for list show all companies instead of active. We changed that to show active only by default. You can still show all using shortcode params.
  • Livesearch “Load More” – Button to load more jobs was not visible when livesearch was active. We fixed this, but params passed to shortcode are not used as a downside. We planing next update, that will fix this issue.
  • Employer dashboard filter rejected applications – When employer filtered applications to show only rejected, all records were shown. We fixed it.
  • Employer Dashboard – Expired jobs were counted wrongly, we fixed it.
  • Empty Option Text – When you set empty text for the select field it was not set properly after reloading custom fields editor page. We fixed it.
  • Featured Level in wp-admin – When you created a membership in wp-admin, candidate feature_level was not set properly, we fixed it.
  • Alert remove – There was an error that preventing from removing all alerts at once from Candidate Dashboard. We fixed this.
  • Xing filter correction – Filter that allows adding additional tags to Xing feed had a bad name, we corrected this.
  • Free membership payment process – when there was only one membership and it was free, there was an error on the payment process.
  • Employer List shortcode default filter – previously by default shortcode shows all employers, now default filter shows only active employers (employers that checked to be visible in search results).
  • New applications count in wp-admin Jobs – previously system shows the total number of applications if new status was not found, now, in this case, 0 will be shown.
  • Notices – we removed some reported notices.

Multiple Job, Application, Company and Resume Form Versions (Beta)

After a few months of hard work, we are happy to announce we have finally reached a beta stage with our multiple form schemes functionality.

This functionality will be available in version 5.5.0 for everyone.

But … right now we need your help.

The new version will allow creating multiple version of the job, application, company and resume forms. This will allow you to have for example a different job application form depending on the category the job is assigned to.

Or maybe you would like to each job to have a different application form? … That is possible as well. Really with a forms API, the possibilities are endless.

That being said creating such a feature required us to rewrite the WPJB core a bit. To make sure the version 5.5.0 will work without any issues we are opening a beta program.

If you have WPJB Personal or Business license drop us an email to support at wpjobboard.net, in the title put “WPJB BETA PROGRAM” and in the content of the message include your license key.

We will grant you access to the beta version.

Below you can find few screenshots from the upcoming WPJB 5.5.0 version.



WPJobBoard 5.4.0 – Application Statuses & LinkedIn

We just released WPJobBoard 5.4.0 and you should soon see this update in your wp-admin panel. If you will not see it within 24 hours go to wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates panel and click the “Check Again” button it should show then.

New WPJobBoard introduces one new, big feature, and a few minor changes and updates.

Application Statuses

The biggest change in new WPJobBoard is a new editor that allows managing application statuses. You should be able to find it in wp-admin/ Settings (WPJB) / Application Statuses panel.

By default, you will see there all default statuses (New, Read, Accepted, Rejected) and you can adjust their name, e-mail template (sent when application changes status), and color of the “bulb”. Each status can have assigned e-mail template that will be sent to notify the user when his application status will be changed to this status.

New E-mail Templates you can create in wp-admin / Settings (WPJB)/ Emails / Add New panel. To be able to choose your new template, it should be a child template of “notify_applicant_status_change”.

If you already have some applications, please be sure to match correct IDs.


On the 1st of March 2019, LinkedIn will remove completely old API. This means, that your old LinkedIn integrations will stop working.

New WPJobBoard is prepared for this. After upgrading to the latest version you will need to go to the LinkedIn Developers page click “Create App” button, create the application again and then configure whole integration like you previously did.

Unfortunately, LinkedIn allows only to share posts now. The feature “Apply with LinkedIn” is reserved for LinkedIn partners. We will try to do something to include this feature in future releases. More details available in our documentation.

Candidate Payment History

The candidates can now their payments history from the [wpjb_candidate_panel] / Payments page, similarly as the Employers can from the page with [wpjb_employer_panel] shortcode.

Other Enchantments

  1. Xing Integration – Now, you are able to provide your job feed to Xing. URL to the feed is available in wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Aggregators and RSS Feeds panel.
  2. Resume Category – Click on a category link on resume list will redirect to list of resumes in this category.
  3. Variables in registration e-mail – You can now add {$resume} and {$company} variables into registration e-mails templates.
  4. Filled Jobs Tab – In Employer jobs list, you have a new tab – filled, when you can find all filled jobs. When admin will decide to hide filled jobs on job list, in employer dashboard filled jobs will be visible only in a filled tab, and no longer in the active tab.
  5. Option to change pricing – If your client will choose wrong membership, you can change it for him in wp-admin / Job Board / Payments.
  6. Non-featured Job Search – You can provide is_featured param with value -1, to show only not featured jobs.
  7. Bulk Actions Hook – We added a hook to bulk actions in wp-admin. If you have programming knowledge, you can easily add new bulk actions.
  8. New Colorpicker – We replaced our limited color picker, with a new one. You can see it in the Application Status Manager and in Job Type edition.
  9. Filters for flash messages – You can adjust messages for flash messages using filters: apply_filters( “wpjb_flash_message”, $info, “info” ); apply_filters( “wpjb_flash_message”, $info, “error” );
  10. Days marked as new – Now you can set this config param to 0, and do not show “new” bulb in front-end at all.
  11. Telecommute jobs in Google Jobs – The Google Jobs integration allows now to set the jobLocationType param. If the value will be set to TELECOMMUTE then the job will be marked as a remote position.

Bug Fix

  1. “New” bulb in wp-admin – It should be hidden now when you visit for the first time job page in wp-admin.
  2. Alerts + Yoast – Infinite loop issue should not occur again.
  3. Livesearch override – Live search will not override default search results on page load.
  4. Stripe Recurring Payment – Error visible after saving new recurring payment will be not visible.
  5. Alert without params fix – Alerts without params should be sent properly.
  6. ZipRecruiter Image – ZipRecruiter changed URL to their logo for attribution purpose. The URL has been corrected and the logo should be visible again.
  7. Warnings – Warnings on job edition page were fixed.
  8. Datepicker CSS correction – little adjustments for the mobile location of datepicker
  9. Typos – Some typos were corrected
  10. Import Error – In the previous version of importer data pack without job/company/candidate slug throw an error. In the current version, the code should handle a file without a slug.
  11. Company Import – The company_slogan tag was not imported correctly, also not setting the value for one of the default tags resulted in the value being removed, now the value will be removed only if passed tag is empty.

WPJobBoard 5.3.2 – New filters & Stripe update

We just released WPJobBoard 5.3.2, this is a small update with mainly bug fixes, small improvements and code optimizations.

The new update should show in your wp-admin panel within 24 hours. If you will not be able to see it after 24 hours go to wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates section and click “Check Again” it should show the update.

Below you can find a list of changes in WPJobBoard 5.3.2

  • FEATURE: Description Template for Google Jobs – allows including additional data in the job description visible on Google Jobs site
  • FEATURE: Hiring Organization / Logo param in Google Jobs configuration, allows setting up a logo for each job.
  • FEATURE: Print Filter – now, you can use “wpjb_print_application” filter to adjust the design of basic print of applications. Filter have 2 params: $render – current design and $application – application to print.
  • FEATURE: Params Labels (like City, Country, Location) are now translatable in Advanced Search Results.
  • FEATURE: Additional filter for Advanced Search Results “wpjb_readable_query” with a param $param, that contains all fields.
  • FEATURE: Now you can provide empty option text for dropdowns in Custom Fields Editor in tab “Dropdown”.
  • FIXED: In alert editor country param is by default set on selected default country.
  • FIXED: Alerts correctly use job_state, job_city, and job_country params.
  • FIXED: Required Dropdown field with an empty option will return false on validation.
  • FIXED: Alert Params Fields filter allow you to change available fields for alerts not only in the frontend but also in the backend.
  • FIXED: Backend application filtration – previously applications from last day of the month was not included.
  • FIXED: Applications export – previously applications from last day of the month were not included,
  • FIXED: Stripe fixes – Issues with specific payment types are fixed.
  • FIXED: Stripe multiple cards issue.
  • FIXED: Registration link on Candidate Login page – now is redirecting to a correct page.
  • FIXED: Candidate trial membership – is now correctly applied to new Candidates.
  • FIXED: Issue with not visible meta fields in job preview.
  • FIXED: File fields are now not possible to set as alert param.
  • FIXED: Redirection issue on Candidate Registration when debug mode is on.

These changes affect only the WPJobBoard plugin so we are not updating the Jobeleon at this time.

WPJobBoard 5.3.1 – Restricted Company Details & Alert Fix

We just released WPJobBoard 5.3.1, this is a small update with mainly bug fixes, small improvements and code optimizations.

The new update should show in your wp-admin panel within 24 hours. If you will not be able to see it after 24 hours go to wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates section and click “Check Again” it should show the update.

Below you can find a list of changes in WPJobBoard 5.3.1

  • FEATURE: Now you can restrict access to company list for candidates
  • FEATURE: New filter for google maps search: wpjb_google_map_query
  • FEATURE: Now you can hide resume details (or contact details) to all users
  • FEATURE: Now, you can use featured_level param in [wpjb_resumes_list] shortcode, to show only featured candidates
  • FIXED: Restricting job, resume and company details are now working properly
  • FIXED: Recurring payment title validation
  • FIXED: Validation error on saving alert in the advanced search result
  • FIXED: Is Searchable param is now set to 0 by default
  • FIXED: On fresh installation default page for Candidate Membership will be created
  • FIXED: Links in Candidate Memberships are corrected
  • FIXED: Warning for TextArea fields
  • FIXED: Various typos in the field descriptions and labels

These changes affect only the WPJobBoard plugin so we are not updating the Jobeleon at this time.

WPJobBoard 5.3.0 – Candidate Memberships

We just released WPJobBoard 5.3.0 and you should soon see this update in your wp-admin panel. If you will not see it within 24 hours go to wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates panel and click the “Check Again” button it should show then.

New WPJobBoard introduces one new, big feature, and few minor changes and updates.

Candidate Memberships

Our main goal in new WPJobBoard version was to provide you with an option to create Candidate Memberships system. The system works similarly to Employer Memberships, but allow you to add many features for Candidates who buy a membership.

You can: make candidate without membership not visible in search results, block access to some pages for candidates without membership, make candidates with membership featured on the candidate list, or limit alert number for candidates.

Candidates Membership Config Page

This also includes new pricing shortcode for memberships [wpjb_candidate_membership].

Candidates membership pricing table.

Stripe Recurring Payment Update

We received a lot of feedback regarding Stripe Recurring payments. There were some issues with creating new recurring payments that we fixed. You also asked us about the flexible interval for recurring payment. Payment interval is connected with membership recurrence time. So if your membership is valid for 47 days, Stripe will charge your user every 47 days.

New Frontend Alert Dashboard Design

We updated the design and user interface for the [wpjb_candidate_panel] / Alerts panel. The new user interface should make adding new alerts easier and more intuitive.

New Params In [wpjb_jobs_list] Shortcode

disable_backfill – This param allows disabling backfilling for this shortcode

example: [wpjb_job_list disable_backfill=”1″]

Print Application

We provided a simple system of printing applications from front-end in Employer Dashboard

Print button in the [wpjb_employer_panel] / Applications list.

Also, you can print multiplay applications from wp-admin.

Note. The print is based on page design, so it might look different for different Themes.

WPJobBoard 5.2.2 Released

We have just released WPJobBoard 5.2.2, this is a small update mainly with bug fixes and UI / UX improvements.

We are planning a bigger update (with candidate memberships) in about 1.5 months. If you want to be the first one notified about this feature make sure to subscribe to our blog.

What’s new in version 5.2.2?

Canceling Membership – When a user tries to disable his purchased recurring membership an error was generated if the selected payment method was different than Stripe.

To fix this we have hidden the “Cancel Membership” button when user paid with payment method different than Stripe as only Stripe supports automatically recurring memberships (although we might add it back for PayPal once we will add support for PayPal recurring payments).

CSV Import creates multiple Categories and Types – We fixed a bug in CSV import which created multiple the same categories and job types when importing entries from CSV file even when the same title was entered in CSV.

Hiding Apply Online button – Hiding Apply Online button also hides “Bookmark” button and other buttons next to the Apply Online button. Now selecting an option “Hide Apply Online” button in wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Job Board Options should hide only the Apply Online button and Apply From LinkedIn if this feature is enabled.

Search By Country – When searching by country in the [wpjb_jobs_search] shortcode the blue bulb does not show country name.

Resume Import – A bug in resume import did not allow uploading files to the resumes when importing from XML file.

Searching by multiple categories – The [wpjb_resumes_search] shortcode will not support searching by multiple categories instead of by just one category.

Hide resumes on the map – The option to allow only registered Employers or users with premium access view the resume contact details is not respected in the [wpjb_map] shortcode.

Since version 5.2.2 users without privileges to see the candidates’ names will see a map without any pins.

Jobeleon 1.7.1

Jobeleon 1.7.1 was released along with the WPJobBoard 5.2.2.

Fixed Updater – In this release, the update manager was fixed it should no longer show an update notification for Jobeleon if Jobeleon is using the latest version.

Compatibility Updates – A few updates to make the Jobeleon compatible with WPJobBoard 5.2.2, specifically the changes to hide the Apply Online button only.

The full list of modified files you can download here.


WPJobBoard 5.2.1 – Automatic Jobeleon Updates

We just released WPJobBoard 5.2.1, this is a small update with mainly bug fixes, small improvements and code optimizations. The new update should show in your wp-admin panel within 24 hours.

We are also releasing Jobeleon 1.7.0, this is the last Jobeleon update you will need to download from the client panel, as since version 1.7 Jobeleon will support automatic updates directly from your WordPress Administrator dashboard.

Below you can find a list of changes in WPJobBoard 5.2.1

  • API: Filters to allow Experience and Education sorting.
  • API: Ability to additional columns to the CSV export using wpjb_export_mapping and wpjb_export_csv_row filters.
  • FEATURE: If a Job does not have an email provided in company_email field but was posted by a registered user then email address from the user profile will be used.
  • FEATURE: Added multi-byte strings support in RSS feeds (without strings can be trimmed incorrectly which causes an error when viewing RSS).
  • FEATURE: In email templates, the $company and $resume variables have access to “user” property (which allows reading user ID, email, login name and etc.).
  • FEATURE: Updated LinkedIn integration to use OAuth 2.0.
  • FEATURE: Buy membership link in [wpjb_employer_panel] / Memberships panel.
  • FIXED: Stripe recurring payments failing with “Invalid token: card_…” error.
  • FIXED: Stripe payments sent incorrectly when using a currency with no decimal places.
  • FIXED: update for ZipRecruiter backfilled jobs design.
  • FIXED: [wpjb_employers_list] does not support meta__* property correctly.
  • FIXED: If Employer or Candidate panel is not assigned to a published page the logout, remind password and delete account panels are not working properly.
  • FIXED: Multiselect dropdown can be closed by clicking on the input.
  • FIXED: Images selected from Media Library are not being removed correctly.
  • FIXED: No wrapping for pricing options in mobile view.

The full list of modified files in WPJB 5.2.1 and Jobeleon 1.7.0 you can download here wpjb-521-jobeleon-170.txt

WPJobBoard 5.2.0 – Front-end Alerts Editor

We just released WPJobBoard 5.2 and you should soon see this update in your wp-admin panel. If you will not see it within 24 hours go to wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates panel and click “Check Again” button it should show then.

In the version 5.2 we introduced 3 main updates and improvements.

Front-End Email Alerts Editor

In version 5.1 and older it was possible to subscribe to email alerts from the Job Alerts Widget and the [wpjb_jobs_search] shortcode. The only way to manage the alerts was to unsubscribe from them when the alerts came to your inbox. Starting from version 5.2 the registered candidates are able to manage (add, edit and delete) their alerts from Candidate Panel

The panel which will allow managing email job alerts will look like in the image below:

Editing job alerts from candidate panel.

ZipRecruiter Integration

For a few years now we have back-filling integration with Indeed and CareerBuilder. Unfortunately, Indeed made their API almost inaccessible to small site owners and  CareerBuilder made their API partially private and users need to be approved to get an API key.

For this reason, we are introducing ZipRecruiter integration, it will allow any job board owner to backfill his job board with jobs from ZipRecruiter.

New Updates Server

This is not a feature you can on your site, but the new updates server is an important part of the whole WPJobBoard ecosystem. It will allow us to server automatic updates not only for the WPJobBoard but for the extensions as well.

The two extensions which will allow you to take advantage of this functionality are Application Methods and Google Analytics Integration. Both add-ons will become available by the end of this month.

Since the next release, the updates server will be also used by our Job Board Theme – Jobeleon, (we wanted to have it available in this release but wasn’t able to do that due to differences between plugin and theme updates).

Default Job Logo

When a registered company posts a job without adding a logo to the job posting, the job will display without a logo.

In WPJB 5.2 if a user has a logo uploaded to his Company Profile he does not need to upload a logo again to his job postings, WPJB will automatically use the logo from Company Profile.

Using [wpjb_jobs_list] search form

Ability to display just the [wpjb_jobs_list] search bar, without the results. Some users just want to have a page with a search bar and show the results on a different page. This is possible now by using [wpjb_jobs_list] with “show_results” and “redirect_to” parameters.

For example, the shortcode below will show just the search form and when searching it will redirect user to page https://example.com/jobs/ which should have a [wpjb_jobs_list] shortcode with actual results

[wpjb_jobs_list show_results="0" redirect_to="http://example.com/jobs"]

Couple of small improvements we made

  • FIXED: Redirect failing after password change.
  • FIXED: Redirect failing after logging out from Candidate or Employer panel.
  • FIXED: Redirect failing after deleting Employer or Candidate account.
  • FIXED: Resume privacy settings not respected in the candidate registration form.

Changed Files

Click here to download list of f the les changed in WPJB 5.2 and Jobeleon 1.6.1.

Configuring WPJobBoard to Meet Google for Jobs Requirements

Implementing Google For Jobs in WP Job Board

Do you want to maximize the exposure of your job listings on search engines, especially on Google’s new job listing feature:  Google for Jobs? If you’ve installed WPJobBoard on your website and need to make it compliant with Google for Jobs,  this how-to explanation is for you.


Our Job Board Software In 2018


In the first post in 2018 i wanted to wish you a happy new year, i hope 2017 was great for you and 2018 will be even better!

The beginning of the year is a perfect time to reflect on what we did in the past year and what we are planning for this year. According to self-help guides, writing down and making your new years’ resolutions public increases the chances of keeping them.

What are we up to in 2018?

Each year, since 2009 we are doing around 8 – 10 releases. This includes two major releases with a lot of new functionality. We are planning to do the same this year. In the WPJB core you can expect following features this year:

Customizer – It will allow customizing how the job, resume and company details page looks like using the visual editor. This will include selecting icon, label and display type for the custom fields. For example, if you will be providing a YouTube video URL in the custom field then you will be able to render this field as an embedded video instead of a link.

This one feature will make it much easier to customize the job board to your and your clients’ needs. I am very excited about this and it will be coming soon.

ZipRecruiter Integration – This is often requested feature and we will be adding it soon as well. This will basically work the same as the Indeed Integration. The reason why users want this feature is because Indeed decided, for the most part, to abandon the APIs or at least make them inaccessible to small site owners.

Resume Memberships – Right now WPJB allows to charge Employers only. We want to allow charging candidates as well. We do not have an exact plan yet, but most likely it will be possible to charge one-time or recurring membership for having the resume visible or featured.

Custom Fields Rewrite – The current Custom Fields editor in WPJB is few years old and needs an update. The main feature we are planning is the ability to create multiple form schemes. The example use case is a recruitment company which has a different job application form for each job type or even for each job.

Additionally, each field will have more configuration options. This is a huge update and it will be available by the end of the year if we will manage to have it finished.

Job Applications Update – This is another update for users who own recruitment websites and need better applicant tracking system. We want to allow the administrator to manage job application statuses from wp-admin panel. Each company will be able to set preferred job application vetting process without custom programming.

We will be also adding job applications logs. Each user managing applications from the wp-admin panel will know when application status was changed and by whom, which email message was sent to the candidate, and the users will be able to add comments to the applications.

Google Maps – Google Maps integration is another one which needs a huge makeover. It will integrate with [wpjb_jobs_list] shortcode to allow searching for jobs on the list and map at the same time.


This year we also want to release a couple of extensions. These are things you might or might not need.

Google Analytics – This integration will allow displaying a number of page views on the Job Details pages. It will also show a chart when editing the job from wp-admin or Employer panel.

WooCommerce Integration – We want to finally release the integration with WC. This will allow you to accept payments for job postings using any WC compatible payment method.

Jobs 2 Careers Integration – This is yet another integration similar to Indeed. Since the backfilling APIs are being deprecated we want to make sure everyone will be able to backfill his job board using some different system.

BroadBean 2.0 – We already have integration with BroadBean available but we want to release a new version which will allow to visually generate XML which will be submitted to BroadBean, this shortens the time required to integrate with Indeed.

Application Methods 2.0 – The Application Methods add-on is also already available. We are planning to release a version with a major under-the-hood update.

Sliced Invoices Integration – Currently users who pay for a job posting or membership receive only an email informing them about payment. The integration with amazing Sliced Invoices plugin will allow to automatically generate an invoice when the order is paid.


As you can see there are about 12 major updates. Some will be available in the WPJB core some will be added as extensions. We are aiming to have all 12 points finished (plus some other not listed here). Some of the projects are huge (like the Custom Fields editor) and i cannot tell we if we will be able to finish them for sure.

I hope you like this list and you are as much excited about new features as we are.

One final note, while some of the functions are partially ready or we are working on them others are just an idea right now, therefore they do not have any priority assigned. If you would like to see some feature soon feel free to “vote” for it by posting a comment.