Resumes posting in the frontend?

Recently i have been asked a lot about possibility of adding resumes from the frontend instead of WP Dashboard, usually the argument is that the dashboard is ugly :).

I think i will add this feature in version 3.4 (released probably in March along with some other awesome features), however this will mean that managing resumes from the backend (ie WP Dashboard) will no longer be possible, so i figured out that it will be best to ask you (the WPJobBoard user) what do you think about such change? Please post in comments.

BTW. If there will be no comments i will probably go ahead with it.

  1. All things related to users, should be in the front, and not in the backend. The users should never see the wordpress backend.

    We (administrators) should had the option to deactivate resumes and company profiles. (Don’t know if it is possible now)

  2. Greg

    @Nuno, thanks for your vote.

    As for deactivating resumes and company profiles, both are possible. First one you disable in WPJobBoard / Configuration / Edit Resumes Options, second disable user registration.

  3. I agree adding resumes is better from the front end. Making users go through the extra hassle of registering will put them off. The easier the better, as it will mean I get more resumes, making it more attractive for employers too.

  4. Greg

    Thanks for the comment, but actually i think registration will still be required, because user needs to have a way to hide/delete his personal details/resume.

  5. Jeff

    I agree that front end access is the standard in the jobs board industry. Also resume posts that can be viewed with the posters personal information name, email, phone, etc hidden/anonymous to protect their privacy from current employers. This would probably require a private message system where employers and candidates could communicate anonymously. Obviously this would require both users to sign up and be logged in.

    I’m not sure how practical this would be in a plugin(not a programmer) but with these additions you could charge twice as much as you do now and compete with some major job board software companies. I would pay it.

  6. Greg

    @Jeff, thanks for the comment, private messaging system is not an option currently, but maybe in the future.

  7. Greg

    @Phani, thanks for the comment, here is a list i plan to implement in version 3.4:
    – automatic applications saving, ie application will be saved in db when when applicant will apply using apply form.
    – obviously, resumes posting in the frontend
    – i will modify VisualEditor to allow to show some fields only in the backend
    – dashboard widgets, sales summary and sales chart.

    As for themes i do not plan to release any (aside of updating the one that’s already available), but i want to release wordpress forum plugin this year.

  8. Alessandro

    Sorry for my bad english:
    – I feel frustrated when I update the plugin and the translation.
    – ability to send a private message to the user
    – resumes URL: instead of
    – know the contents of applications that the users sended to job poster
    – simple portfolio in the resume (upload max 20 photos/images)
    – add manage job “seo” (title, description for the share on facebook)
    – add a note in job details and the wishlist (cache?)
    – simple text-editor for the textareas
    – rating for the job
    – list of users with “job alert”

  9. Alessandro

    Why is my comment vanished?

  10. Greg

    @Alessandro comment not vanished, but wasn’t approved yet.

    What do you mean by frustrated? The “Resumes URL” (point #3) is probably even now possible with WPjobBoard router.

    In the near future should be added: #4, #8, #10.

    I am not sure what you mean by “add manage job seo” and wishlist? Note in the job details i understand are private notes made by admin?

  11. Alessandro

    @Greg: My frustration is due to the fact that everytime i update the plugin, i’m forced to retranslate the language file

    i would like a SEO-level customization of jobs (a description meta element auto-generated from the job text, for example)

    In the resumes page, i’d prefer “experience” and “education” not to be listed when they have no value associated

    In the resumes page, if i add two additional fields (i.e. “skype” and “facebook”), if user fills only one of them, the empty one gets displayed too

    In the resume listing page, it would be useful to have:
    1) a customizable max number of results per page, whose setting would not be shared with the job listing page;
    2) an ordering filter (i.e. arrange resumes in alphabetical order, location, last update, job title)


  12. Greg

    I see, but i suppose you have to re-translate only new or modified phrases not the whole thing.

    “In the resumes page, i’d prefer “experience” and “education” not to be listed when they have no value associated”

    This one will be definitely added, should be a long time ago but i keep forgeting about it.

  13. Alessandro

    No, I didn’t. Because I didn’t know which were the new words.

    I’m sorry but I didn’t understand do you think of:
    “In the resume listing page, it would be useful to have:
    1) a customizable max number of results per page, whose setting would not be shared with the job listing page;
    2) an ordering filter (i.e. arrange resumes in alphabetical order, location, last update, job title)”

  14. I agree with everyone who says resumes should be managed by the user on the front-end. Thanks!

  15. Alessandro

    It could be interesting to have the ‘job alert’ in the personal profile.

  16. Fabry

    Hi greg, when the new version? Now It’s march!

  17. Fabry

    Googlemap in the job.php?

  18. Greg

    @Fabry, i just released WPJB version 3.3.5, i wrote that 3.4 will be ready _probably_ in March, however due to amount of work i am afraid it won’t be possible, April/May is more likely but i don’t want to make promises.

  19. I would definitely prefer to have users fill in their resumes on the front end. For now I have edited the Profile page to direct them on what to do. The problem is that the profile page is somewhat blank – so they login and then what? If you wish to write in a paragraph or two about what to do the file is: /wp-admin/user-edit.php (be sure to make a backup copy first)

    The other thing is that when a non-member clicks on a job they want to apply for, all they get is a text box saying:
    “Only registered members can apply for jobs.”

    ok – then what? There should be a link in that line to allow them to go to the wp-login page. I found the page and simply added text to tell them to click on the login link on the top right of the page – but I would prefer inserting a “SIGN UP” button instead. Page ID: wpjobboard/application/module/frontend/index.php (make a backup copy prior to editing)

  20. Yea, it would make the software spot on if the users could add/edit/delete there profile from the front end. Ideally it would work like so:

    – They sign up
    – Account is approved/denied
    – they edit there page, for advertiser they edit a job, for job seaker they edit there resume/portfolio
    – log out

    **All on the front end. I believe only admin should see back end.

    Also something i really really need is to be able to charge a fee for adding resumes as well as adding jobs.


  21. hi

    resume posting frontend would be awesome.

    thumbs up

  22. Greg

    @Lee, @conte thanks for the comments, resumes in the frontend functionality is already in development and will be available in version 3.4 (but i do not want reveal the release date)

  23. Phil Dwyer


    Thanks for all of the good work you’ve been doing for us. I certainly look forward to release 3.4 and having the resume form on the front end. I know you say you don’t want to reveal the release date but are we close? Weeks? Days?

    Keep up the good work,

  24. Greg

    I think it’s rather a matter of weeks rather than days. Either way with upgrading to 3.4 please be careful, with the amount of modifications i did for you the upgrade might not go smooth.

  25. Phil Dwyer

    Greg, thanks, I’ll definitely keep that in mind.

  26. Got my money ready to buy and test this new version 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing how versitile the resmume editing it like on the front end.

    Also were you making the Job editing front end also?

    Im hoping this well be just what we need for our latest project! 😀


  27. Greg

    @Lee i want to move whole employer panel to the frontend, so yes that includes job edition as well. In fact editing jobs is the only change left before i can begin testing new version.

  28. anon22

    Hello Greg

    I bought your theme a long time ago but couldn’t launch my website in the last few months.

    I have noticed you have made many improvements… I am 3.4 as I hope to start with best version and so that I don’t face any upgrades issues. Waiting eagerly..

  29. @anon22, if you won’t change any WPJobBoard files you shouldn’t have any issues with upgrading.

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