TinyMCE in WPJobBoard 3.5

WordPress 3.3 should be released somewhere in November this year. One change in the API that interests me most is improved Editor API. According to a post on WordPress development blog new API will allow to use TinyMCE anywhere.

WordPress Editor API. This is an updated API for both TinyMCE and Quicktags that outputs all parts of both editors in the same way as used on the Add / Edit Post screens, #17144. Plugins will be able to use the WordPress editor anywhere including the Visual/HTML tabs and the links to upload files and show the media library.

By anywhere i understand it will be both frontend and backend, if so then i will be able to implement WYSIWYG in WPJobBoard 3.5 for job description (and maybe some custom fields). There are already few examples how the new editor API could be used and i must say it looks really promising, but let’s wait for final WordPress 3.3 release.

  1. Would be great to have the TinyMCE in the “Add job” form in the backend!

  2. marlboro888

    When the version 3.5 released? I’m gonna buy the plugin but not sure what method of upgrading because I dont see anywhere for subscription account.

    • Greg

      The new version should be ready this year (after WP 3.3 is released). As of now when purchasing you get lifetime free updates to version 3.

    • Greg

      I had some problems with my development machine, so while version 3.5 should be ready this month or in January, i am afraid it won’t have TinyMCE integration since i had little time to develop it.

  3. Hi Greg,
    any news about using a wysiwyg editor for the Job Description field?

  4. Greg

    unfortunately despite adding editor to the job board is quite easy now, there would be a backward compatibility issue with old jobs (their formatting would break) so i decided not to add it until i figure out a solution that would suite both old and new jobs.

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