Version 3.4.3 released

WPJobBoard version 3.4.3 was just released. This is a recommended release for anyone who is already using version 3.4.X. New version contains two critical bug fixes (resumes paging in the backend and applications saving and listing).

Like with every WPJobBoard release there are also some new features:

  • Administration area can be now fully translated from the WPJobBoard *.po file, so now you can have whole job board in your language not only the frontend
  • Finally the widgets were rewrote and now you can use each widget more then once. (BTW. after updating you might need to configure again WPJB widgets, ie. add them to the sidebar)
  • Some source code refactoring, which hopefully will allow me to develop future versions faster – which means more features for you.

If you are also using WPJobBoard Theme please download new version as well, there are few bug fixes for the AJAX API.

I hope you will enjoy the new release!

  1. Hi,
    just a couple of things:

    spelling mistake on the candidate login (not a MAMBER) should be Member.
    Not sending candidate name in application form.


  2. Greg

    Hi @Jon, in version 3.4.3 the typo should be already fixed, as for applicant name i will make a variable to send applicant name, thanks for the bug report.

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