Version 3.4.5 ready for download

Version 3.4.5 was just released. As usually with minor updates there are no exciting new features. This is rather maintenance release with a couple of small bug fixes. Among others one change  that is worth mentioning is redesign of how Job Board menu and Resumes Menu widgets work.

Previously, if user was logged in as an Employer, Resumes Menu did not displayed Candidate login/registration links and vice versa (when user was logged in as Candidate, Job Board Menu did not displayed Employer login/registration links). This was quite confusing for quite  a lot of users so i decided to redesign how menus work. In new version when Employer is logged in the login/register links for candidate are still visible, but when Employer clicks on them he will see an error saying that he is already logged in as an Employer. I hope this one small change will make WPJobBoard more usable to everyone.

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