Version 4.1.3 (Bookmarks and Admin only fields)

Version 4.1.3 was just released you should see an update notification in your wp-admin panel within 24 hours or you can download it immediately from client panel.

This version has 2 main features as well as multiple minor improvements and bug fixes, so what’s new?

  • Bookmarks – while this was not so much requested feature it will be useful once we will release native mobile WPJobBoard application, basically once you enable Bookmarks from wp-admin panel then next to the Apply Online button on job details page Bookmark button will appear. Candidates will be able to browse all their bookmarks from candidate panel.
  • Admin only custom fields – there is a small but really useful update to custom fields, since version 4.1.3 it is possible to create custom fields that will be visible from wp-admin panel only. For example recruiter might want to add such field to Application form in order to add private notes about job application.
    Additionally the Custom Fields are not added using apply_filters function which makes the whole Forms API much more flexible, although i guess that only web developers will appreciate or notice this change :).
  • Membership discounts – when purchasing membership Employer can now enter discount code, additionally it is possible now to create free membeships
  • Timezones – proper support for different timezones was added to job board.
  • Facebook update – some of you were experiencing “(#200) The user hasn’t authorized the application to perform this action” error when configuring FB integration, this is fixed in version 4.1.3

As usually along with new WPJB version release, Jobeleon is also getting an update, so if you are using WPJB and Jobeleon make sure to update both of them.

List of modified files you can download from here.

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