Version 4.3.0 Released

We just finished testing version 4.3.0 and it is now available for download via automatic downloads or client panel. The new release is an effect of 3 months of hard work (both programming and testing) to improve WPJobBoard core, while most of the changes you might not notice on the first sight, you should be able to appreciate them after longer examination.

The one major change that took most of our time is atomizing the job board. For now whole job board was embedded into two pages Jobs and Resumes, now you can select on which pages you will put each piece of functionality, it’s basically like building a job board from Lego blocks, except you will be using shortcodes. While i am on it there is now 15+ shortcodes to choose from, every one of them is already documented in Shortcodes Knowledge Base.

We also added support for Custom Post Types (in jobs, resumes and companies), so the data should be better indexed in Google, look better when publishing on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and offer the best compatibility with third party plugins like Yoast SEO.

Note: All this is enabled by default when starting a new job board, for existing sites you need to go wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Default Pages and URLs panel and enable Shortcoded mode and Custom Post Types there. Additionally you will need to configure the default pages. If you are upgrading the best place to get started is new Getting Started article in KB.

Customer often complained that employers and candidates who register on site do not know what to do next, we listened and below is the result:

Candidate Dashboard. This is a page Candidate can see right after registration, it lists every action the candidate can take, additionally we inserted progress bar indicating resume completion and hopefully encouraging candidate to fill the whole resume.



Employer Dashboard. Similarly like with candidates this is a panel employers can see after registering.


Currently this panels are static, that is they cannot be extended with additional functionality, but soon enough we are planning to extend both by adding new modules and by allowing to insert new functionality via programming interface (API).

Other two worth mentioning features are, improved advanced search result page (this is actually something i posted on Facebook some time ago so you might be already familiar with it), we wanted an interface that will allow to quickly (with a single click) customize the search results page and subscribe the current search results by email or RSS

wpjb-advanced-search-resultsFinally a feature that you often asked about. Customizable Google Map shortcode with list of jobs, resumes or companies, with ability to filter the results by keyword, location and radius. The search bar on the screenshot is actually another shortcode that is bundled in a free addon. We had this idea that we do not want to lock you with standard / out-of-box filter but rather provide tools to customize the map filter. Of course if you like out filter feel free to use it.



The map is rather big (well it’s best to display big maps as it is easier to browse view the data then) so you need to click on the image above to see it in full size.

Other than that we have some minor tweaks and updates:

  • We examined some of the client sites and improved the job board CSS, so the jobs should look even better with your WordPress theme.
  • The Recent Jobs widget has some options to filter the jobs that it will be displaying.
  • Shortcode that allows to list companies (similarly like with jobs and resumes), so basically browsing companies is now possible.
  • Job aggregation feeds can now be filtered by adding params to the URL so instead of sending all jobs to Indeed, SimplyHired etc., you can send them jobs filtered by keyword, location, type, category or even custom fields.
  • Stripe integration will now also send payment Receipt automatically
  • As always any reported or found bug or issue was fixed in the latest release.

Along with WPJobBoard 4.3.0 we are also releasing Jobeleon 1.2.0, if you are using Jobeleon on your site we do recommend to upgrade it in order to take advantage of all new features.

Now your turn. What do you think about this release? Would you like to see some other feature instead of the ones we added?

  1. Ferdinand

    There are some great features here, thanks! For weeks we worked on customizing the plugin and now we see that some of the things we worked on are implemented, that’s life 🙂 For instance we made a searchable employer directory and a custom panel similar to yours.

    I am not sure if it is recommended to update the plugin after we changed so many of the core files. For instance: we changed many of the templates. Is it a problem if we update? We saved the updated template files in the child theme directory as recommended in your documentation.

    • Greg

      Hi, if you have original files customized then upgrading might be problematic, that is the files will be overwritten on update, the child templates should be fine, but you might be missing on some features (as in order to implement new features we needed to customize original templates files as well). Probably in your case it would be to make an update on some test installation if you have one and see if this works, or do a full site backup and upgrade if something will go wrong you will be able to restore old version.

  2. Hi Greg. The logout link seems to be broken for both candidate and employer. It keeps returning a 404 error. Any ideas on it? Other than that one issue the new version absolutely rocks. Especially love the profile completion bar.

    • Greg

      This is a bug in the version 4.3 in embedded mode, it will be fixed soon, you can send me an email i will reply with instructions on how to get this fixed.

  3. James

    Great plugin.
    Is it possible for you guys to turn the support for custom post types on your demo site?
    Thanks in advance.

    • James

      I meant “turn on” custom post types.

      • Yes it is, we will be enabling them soon on the demo site.

        • James


  4. Very impressive upgrade! Having extendable panels where we could add functionality is wonderful news. One of the projects we are considering adding is BuddyPress functionality and hopefully we would be able to integrate the users BuddyPress account into their Candidate or Employer dashboard. Looking forward to details on the API.

  5. Is there any issues updating from 4.2.1 to 4.3? Will I have to reconfigure all my pages or will it all function the same after the update just with better features?

    • If you are satisfied with how the job board works currently then you do not need to reconfigure pages, just update.

      As for upgrading itself, unfortunately we found some issues on some servers, if you are not in hurry i would recommend waiting for version 4.3.1 which should be released this week.

  6. Can a company entry remain visible even if they currently have no job openings? Would like to use this functionality as a simple directory.

  7. Hi, yes this is possible just use the shortcode with filter=”all” param.

  8. I started to recreate the “Companies Page” on the demo but am not sure how to add that search bar to the page.

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