Version 4.3.3 (Full XML and CSV Import / Export)

WPJobBoard 4.3.3 is not available via automatic updates and in client panel. This release has a lot of small tweaks and changes, and one major feature very often requested – full XML and CSV Import / Export. The export part is really cool i think. It allows to either export whole job board data or just jobs, companies, resumes or applications. Further more you can filter (for example by keyword) which data you wish to export. Finally when exporting to CSV you can select which columns you wish to export (see image below).


The Export Manager like visible above is available in wp-admin panel on Jobs, Companies, Resumes and Applications panels.

Other changes in version 4.3.3

There is also quite a lot of internal changes they are either bug fixes or some small improvements:

  • Feature. PayPal accept payments with tax added.
  • Feature. Improved design in WPJB Configuration and Custom Fields.
  • Feature. Sorting meta data on details pages by order set in custom fields.
  • Feature. Improved user selection in wp-admin / Job Board / Membership panel.
  • Feature. “country”, “state” and “city” can now be passed to [wpjb_jobs_list] via GET.
  • Feature. Updated FontAwesome icons.
  • Fixed. Transient ID generation.
  • Fixed. Do not save sort_order when saving job alert.
  • Fixed. LinkedIn Applications not saved properly.
  • Fixed. List all available LinkedIn accounts when configuring LinkedIn integration.
  • Fixed. wp-admin / Job Board / Applications does not filter by date correctly.
  • Fixed. Candidate Dashboard displays only 2 applications per page.
  • Fixed. Installation fails on some servers.
  • Fixed. Use home_url instead of site_url
  • Fixed. Hide warnings on logout.
  • Fixed. Access not granted instantly when users purchase access using credits.
  • Fixed. Typo in “internship” word.
  • Fixed. Delete custom post type when deleting resume.
  • Fixed. Facebook integration update.

Jobeleon 1.2.3

Along with WPJB 4.3.3, Jobeleon 1.2.3 was released, the update contains one change only, it removes “colored” icons and replaces them with font icons, this makes creating new theme color scheme easier as now the icons will automatically use theme colors.

You will find list of changes files here.

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