Version 4.4.0 – Better checkout and taxes

Version 4.4.0 was just released today, this update includes few major changes mainly in payments, if you wish to upgrade please do it on a test / development server first or at least backup your site before upgrading … so what’s new?

Redesigned Checkout

This is a major change in how payments are being handled (and a first step to WooCommerce integration). First thing you will notice is that fields “Payment Gateway” and “Discount Code” were removed from Add Job form and were added to the Checkout (third step).

This allows to manage all payments related data from one place, and on top of that users who abandon checkout have ability to finish payment later, the link is visible in Employer Dashboard or Administrator can send them link by email (maybe even with a discount code to encourage user to publish an Ad).

On top of that when payment is finished user can see clear instructions on what to do next (this is specifically useful with payment method like Stripe where whole payment is done on site).

See video below to check how the new checkout, taxes and stripe work togheter in order to create wonderful user experience.


New version allows to configure Taxes, if you enable them from wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Taxes panel in the checkout the tax will be added to the price (or the price will include tax depending on your choice).


This feature is already documented in knowledge base on Taxes page.

Stripe Update

Stripe integration was rebuilt, it now stores Stripe customer id for each client, which allows users to safely store their credit cards (on Stripe servers) and quickly re-use them when making a payment.

Additionally the Stripe payment form was rebuilt so it will always display nicely as any other WPJobBoard form.

Google Maps

There were two changes to Google Maps, first when searching by location the map will automatically move to the closest result.

We also fixed problem with multiple pins in a single location, since version 4.4.0, when there is more than one pin in the same spot the modal window with information about job will have pagination and will allow to browse details for each job.


Browsing Jobs in Employer Dashboard

Until now Employers could see only Active and Expired jobs, in version 4.4.0 tab “Pending” was added it will display jobs in moderation and jobs pending payment (with a link to finish payment).


User Registration

Dependency on “Anyone can register” option in wp-admin / Settings / General panel was removed. For some time now the registration forms are created using shortcodes, so if you do not want to allow user registration just trash pages with [[wpjb_employer_register]] and [[wpjb_candidate_register]], having this dependency was confusing and users often did not understand how to enable registration.

Some minor changes

  • FIXED Bug not allowing to view job applicant resume in some cases.
  • FIXED Importing candidates and employers from CSV
  • FIXED Replaced eregi_replace() with preg_replace() to make WPJB compatible with PHP7.
  • FEATURE Do not allow currently logged in user, to delete his own account when deleting Employers or Candidates
  • API Allow file uploads on candidate registration
  • API Additional filters in Education and Experience


As usually with WPJB relase a new version of Jobeleon is released as well. If you are going to upgrade to version 4.4.0 this is a mandatory upgrade for you as well (latest WPJB will not work properly with older Jobeleon versions if you are using payments).

Aside of making Jobeleon compatible with WPJB there are two main changes in Jobeleon itself: compatibility with hentry microformat, fixed some incorrectly set language domains (sometimes “wpjobboard” was being used instead of “jobeleon” which made some phrases not translatable).

View list of changed files.


  1. Hi Greg
    As always fantastic work on your plugin. I just had one quick question for you. At some stage will the plugin support AMP versions. I know it’s not an easy one as the functionality has to be stripped away. Just a thought though.

    Best Regards

    • Hi, i am not realy sure what are AMP versions?

  2. Hi Greg
    Accelerated Mobile Pages, Googles new mobile standard. The links below are for a normal page and the AMP version which the search engine will serve up to mobile visitors.



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