Version 4.4.2 Advanced Import UI and Listing Type Redesign

WPJobBoard 4.4.2 was just released along with Jobeleon, it should become available in your wp-admin panel within 24 hours, if you do not want to wait go to wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates panel and click “Check Again” button it should allow you to update instantly.

Along with WPJB 4.4.2, Jobeleon 1.3.2 was released, the Jobeleon update is optional, the old one should work fine with latest WPJobBoard version.

What’s new?

Updated XML Import – Until now the import either finished or was proccessing XML file forever, in latest version it will either finish or display an error explaining what went wrong. More over each imported item will have its own log informing Admin if the item was inserted or updated and show notices (for example if you are trying import meta field which does not exist).

There is also one change in the import itself, until now if the <id> tag was provided WPJB would either update item with this ID or skip this item, in version 4.4.2 if <id> is provided, but does not exist in database WPJB will create an item with this ID.

From the image above you can see that one job was added, one application, company and resume were update. Additionally 5 warnings occured when updating application and one warning when importing company.

The warnings do not stop the import, they only inform Admin that some data was not added.

Redesigned Listing Type – In [wpjb_jobs_add] “Listing Type” field was redesigned, the goal was to make the “Listing Type” field stand out from the rest of the fields, so the user will know he is selecting how much (and if) he will be charged and how long his listing will be displayed. In version 4.4.2 Listing Type will look like on the image below

Other changes

  • FEATURE: redirect_to and form_only params in [wpjb_jobs_search] and [wpjb_resumes_search] shortcodes.
  • FEATURE: job_id param in [wpjb_apply_form] shortcode.
  • FEATURE: Approved, Active, Is Filled and Is Featured columns added in wp-admin / Job Board / Jobs, Screen Options and CSV Export.
  • FIXED: Required JavaScript does not load on finish payment page.
  • FIXED: Screen Options does not show when labels are changed in left wp-admin sidebar.
  • FIXED: Indeed Backfill optimization, disabled some DB queries not required when searching Indeed.
  • FIXED: Logo files missing in CSV export.
  • FIXED: Some random “s” letter showing when editing categories.

Download list of modified filesĀ here.


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