What’s new in WPJobBoard 3.0?

Work on WPJobBoard 3.0 goes faster then i expect and it should be ready even this month, although there is still debugging and beta testing to be done so i estimate that, WPJobBoard will be in sale from 15 February. Ofcourse, like with any kind of software you can expect it rather later then earlier.

I also need to prepeare system for existing customers so they will be able to buy WPJobBoard 3.0 on discounted price, WPJobBoard 2.3 will be supported for another another year or so, but that’s a story for another post.

Ok, what you can expect from WPJobBoard 3.0:

  1. Additional Fields – from the admin panel you will be able to add new fields (input, select, textarea) to the job board, at the same time i removed “Salary”, “Experience” and “How to apply” since you can now add them if you want to
  2. Apply button – visitors will be able to apply instantly for a job after clicking “Apply” button
  3. Automatically post jobs to Twitter on job approval
  4. Distribute jobs to job aggregation sites, including: SimplyHired, Indeed, Juju
  5. Bulk job import from CareerJet to kick start your job board
  6. Updated theme for even easier integration with any WordPress theme including some premium ones
  7. Advanced search functionality
  8. Powerful router – ability to modify links structure to almost any page on the job board
  9. Fixed a lot of small problems that i could not fix with the WPJobBoard 2.3 codebase

This are just features from the top of my head, i have them more but a lot of features where moved to 3.1 or 3.2 so i can release WPJobBoard 3.0 earlier.

  1. Greg,

    I am keenly looking forward for the new plugin. Nice to know that you are adding new functionalities like ‘apply’ button. So I presume that will come with resume upload facility…

    In your earlier post, you had mentioned about wp-jobboard resume project. That will be an awesome one and that will make the site a complete job portal….

    I have a suggestion….If you could create something like OIO publisher plugin so that Employers can buy 125×125 ad slots to advertise their job postings…when a visitor clicks it takes them to all the jobs posted by that employer….job boards can charge a premium for this facility….3 rotations, 6 slots will mean we can accomodate and sell 18slots…that will be a great mnetization option you can provide….

    I am really looking forward for lot more such stuff from you….please update me once your new plugin is available for sale.

    Best regards
    Kathirvel N

  2. Greg

    Thanks for the comment @Kathir.

    The feature you wrote about sounds interesting, i’ll consider it for 3.1 or 3.2 there is not time to add it to 3.0 🙂

    Sure, i will keep you updated.

  3. John W

    Hi Greg

    Great news regarding the new plugin. Was really keen to use the current version for a site I’m working on but it didn’t have some of the functionality I needed – looks like most of the stuff I need is going to be in 3.0.

    Quick question if you have time – what will the advanced search functionality include? The biggest drawback of the current version for me was the slightly limited search ability – for example you could only search within a particular category or through a text string. If 3.0 will include the ability to set up a search filter e.g. search for all jobs in categories A and B, in location X that would be fantastic. Any chance of this in 3.0 or later versions?

    Thanks and best of luck with the rollout of ver 3.0

  4. Greg

    Hi @John, thanks for the comment.

    To answer your question, advanced search functionality will allow to search by: keyword, location, category (select box), job type (select box). I thought about advanced filtering you wrote about but decided to move to 3.1 or later since i am constantly short on time.

  5. can you updated me when the new plug launches i would like to buy it. or will upgrades be free. we can start now?

  6. Greg

    Sure @jesse i will let you know when it will be in sale.

  7. Kathir

    Hi Greg,

    When will 3.0 available for sale…just let me know.


  8. Greg

    Sure 🙂

  9. Great that you’re working on v3.0 however, given that your Purchase page states that the licence includes Plugin, application upgrades and free support, can we assume that v3.0 will be a free upgrade for those of us on v2.3.x – particularly for those of us who have purchased recently before news of v3.0?
    I’ve not yet owned it for a year, so I presume I get 3.0 as part of my ‘one year free application upgrades’ stated on the FAQ page?

    Also, I notice that 2.3.1 is available – as you’re offering a paid-for (‘premium’) plugin, I think you need to think about providing automatic updating as per standard wordpress plugins. At the very least some form of notification of version releases, so we can update as required?

    This is a great plugin and I wish you every success with it, but I think to be really successful you need to become a little better with your communication and support. Fix those things and I’ll certainly be recommending this to all the WP developers I know.

  10. Greg

    Hi @Micheal, thanks for the comment.

    From my perspective, it’s completely new software, rewritten from scratch. While on the outside it might look the same as 2.3 on the inside it has got some serious tuning, so i do not fill like giving it away, since every company software company charges for software upgrades. On the other hand i understand that clients who bought WPJobBoard recently, might regret they did not wait for 3.0, so i am not sure about it. I was thinking about doing it like Microsoft with Windows7 and offer free upgrade to those who bought plugin in February (and March if i won’t ship it this month).

    BTW despite, 2.3 won’t be developed any more that does not mean that there will be no updates, if there will be some bugs found then i will definitely fix them and release a new package.

    I want to create automatic updates feature, but not in 3.0, probably 3.1.

    While communication might be a bit of an issue, i consider my support to be awesome ;>

  11. Hi @Greg,

    Thanks for your speedy reply.

    I appreciate your sentiment regarding a major version change. I think personally I’m just a little frustrated as I purchased mid January, and am only just now preparing for the launch of our job board following integration into the site, just as v3.0 is due to be released (given the initial date of Feb 15th above).

    Good to hear that you’ll be moving to auto updates in the future.

    I should also say that I know how hard it can be to keep up with communication, it’s something I’ve had to focus on more recently with my own business.

    I shall wait to hear your decision on v3.0 upgrades etc.

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