WordPress 3.3 and WPJobBoard

I was getting some emails with questions along the lines of “Is WPJobBoard compatible with WordPress 3.3?”, so i thought i would address it on the blog. WPJobBoard is fully compatible with WP 3.3 (it goes for new blog installs and blog upgrades), and for the most part it’s safe to upgrade to latest version of WordPress. However, as always, when updating please make a database backup first, so you can rever to older version if something goes wrong.

In the meantime, i am happy to anounce that WPJB 3.5 will be ready for download this month. It doesn’t have as many updates as i would like to (due to problems with my development machine), but i think it’s still a nice update. There will be a whole post about new version, here i will just list some of the most interesting features: Google Maps integration, reCAPTCHA integration in apply forms, pending items in wp-admin sidebar, payment method api, even more advanced search.

  1. Awesome job you doing greg.

    got 20.000 UV a months and no problems at all with your job board.

    hope you manage to include a good editior in the 3.5 release. would help a lot.

    Also a nice thing would be to have the possibility to attach files to job postings. maybe add that do additional fields?


    • Greg

      Thanks 🙂

      I am afraid i wasn’t able to finish the TinyMCE integration so it won’t be available in 3.5.0 (maybe in 3.5.1).

      Files attachements in job ads will be probably possible somewhere in future, although i will need to rewrite Additional Fields first.

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