WordPress 4.9 and WPJobBoard

The WPJB version 5.0.4 was just released, this version of our job board has few minor fixes and one major one to fix the compatibility with the latest version of WordPress.

Here is what we changed in the latest release:

File Upload – After upgrading to WP 4.9 you might be having a problem with uploading job or company logos and avatars, if so then upgrade will fix this problem.

Employer Panel Job Posting –  Fixed users ability to post a job from Employer Panel without being logged in as an Employer. Additionally, when posting a job from Employer Panel we changed the steps (“Create Ad | Preview | Publish”) to use the Employer Panel breadcrumbs instead.

Job Alerts – There was a bug in job alerts which looped sending one email alert over and over again, this happened only if the alert had a lot of matching jobs.

Disable Registration – If you trash and unset registration pages from wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Default Pages and URLs panel then “Not a member? Register” links will not be shown in WPJB login forms, this basically allows quickly disabling registration on your site.

Email Notifications Fallbacks – the notify_applicant_status_change and notify_employer_new_job email templates have now fallback emails. What i mean by this is that if the email is not provided in Job or Applications Form then if the job or application is posted by logged in user then the email from user profile will be used instead.

Along with WPJB 5.0.4 we are also releasing a new version (1.5.3) of Jobeleon job board theme.

The complete list of changed files you can download here.

  1. JP

    Minor UI updates and changes should not be “random” and at your whim. I understand you are the creator of this package but when you shove UI changes into every update – with no actual explanation of what changed – it is VERY frustrating.

    If there is a security or other major issue that is being resolved (like adding Google Job functionality) that is great! But when you just throw in some random UI updates along with it – it hurts site usability.

    UI updates should only be happen during a MAJOR release and the release should SPECIFICALLY be related to the UI changes you are suggesting.

    Now, if you have a broken UI component/layout then by all means push it out with an update. But if you are changing things just because you think they should look a “little” different… To me that is just short-sighted and it hurts usability. Users become accustomed to the interface they work with and if you are just randomly moving elements every couple of months then you are creating confusion!

    Again, there’s nothing wrong with updating a UI but it needs to be handled differently.

    Please re-consider your policy on pushing out UI changes. I would also suggest that you implement a “Mobile friendly” menu as the current theme does not support it…….

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