WordPress HelpDesk Plugin

WPJB 4.0.5 is on the way, in the meantime i would like to introduce you to a new WordPress plugin we developed recently: WPHelpDesk – WordPress Helpdesk Plugin. It does what the title says and nothing more.

Why another helpdesk / support ticket plugin? Well, as WPJB grows i needed some software that would help me with customer support. I had basically three requirements:

  • can work inside WordPress (so basically i was looking for WordPress plugin)
  • no fancy ticket number, statuses departments and so on, the conversation should look like normal email exchange (lets say i wanted GMail like experience).
  • can be used by groups, that is plugin should make sure that every agent knows what to do.

When i started looking for solution that would fit my needs it turned out that all the available plugins are either: abandoned and not updated in years, are to complex in a way that they are building a barrier between customer and agent replying to ticket.

So, the decision was quite simple, lets build ticketing software for our own use and allow users to take advantage of it as well. I hope i got you at least somewhat interested, if so feel free to check out WPHelpDesk.

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