WPJobBoard 3.0 released

Finally (about a month late) i managed to release WPJobBoard 3.0 it’s still a beta version so i decided it will be best to leave WPJobBoard 2.3.2 in sale for now, although i encourage you get WPJB 3.0, the price is the same but amount of features and software flexibility is incomparable.

That reminds me that i have to create a new manual, for the new software to document all the features. However at least for now you can use WPJobBoard manual for troubleshooting, theme modifications and option descriptions, i will try to get live new manual as soon as possible.

If you want to see WPJobBoard 3.0 in action then you can go to demo page i uploaded there latest WPJB along with latest version of WordPress.

I did not create a list of people who wanted me to email them once i release WPJB 3.0, the list got quite long so i am not sure if i notified everyone. If you were on the list and i did not let you know please take my apologize.

  1. Kevin

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for releasing version 3.0.0 beta! I have a couple questions that I hope you may be able to answer before I purchase the software.

    1. Is it possible to choose if the “Apply for this position now!” link shows up or not? I’m sure some of my clients (who post jobs) would rather have the “Apply for this position now!” link go to their employment application page; instead of, to the wpjobboard submission form for resume, CV, etc.

    2. Does version 3.0.0 beta version include all of the features you mentioned in a previous blog post? For example, can version 3.0.0 beta “distribute jobs to job aggregation sites, including: SimplyHired, Indeed, Juju”?

    I appreciate your feedback and look forward to implementing the software into my site soon. Thanks Greg.

  2. Greg

    Hi @Kevin,
    to answer your questions:
    1. There is no option in to disable “Apply …” button, but you can do this directly in the template. First remove link from the template (it’s in single.php file), then in admin add additional field (for example) “How to apply” where clients will be able to describe how user can apply for position. If you are looking for some other solution it would be best if you would contact me by email.
    2. Yes all functionality is in place although not documented yet. For demo site links to integration feeds are:
    You will have them analogically on your job board.

  3. Kevin

    Thanks for your speedy reply @Greg!

    I’m satisfied with your response to my questions and in case I need a hand with anything, I will contact you by email.

  4. Ciaran


    I purchased your software three days ago and I have yet to receive a code. Can some one please get in touch. Looks like a great product. Would be great if I could get to use what I paid for.



  5. Greg

    Hmm that strange, @Ciaran i resent you license to your gmail, please confirm if you receive it.

  6. liz

    hi Greg..

    with the latest version of job board, i would be able to receive the resume submitted by the job seeker ? at the same time the job seeker can directly apply..please advise ..i tried to view your demo but it seem not working..


  7. Kevin

    Hi Greg,

    I just purchased the WPJobBoard 3.0.0 plugin and am excited to get it
    implemented and used on my site. I am currently having some integration issues and when I sent you an email at your ‘support email address’, the mail delivery system returned an undeliverable notification stating that your support email address was rejected.

    Do you have another support email address I can contact you by?

  8. Greg

    @Liz, yes you can. I forgot to update .htaccess file, now you can view the demo.

    @Kevin, i sent you an email, in case you haven’t received it please post here again. Thanks.

  9. Lisa

    Wil the 3.0 version get a wysiwyg editor for people posting a job directly from the website?

  10. Greg

    @Lisa, probably it won’t have WYSIWYG, at least not in the near future.

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