WPJobBoard 3.1.0 is ready

I finished WPJobBoard 3.1 and now you can download it from the user panel.

What’s new? First of there is now automatic upgrade feature. When i will update the demo, in admin panel in the right bottom corner you will see new update notification. If there is a new version, then you will see message with latest version number and how long ago it was published. Message is updated once a hour to decrease bandwidth usage.

Second, on June 30th, Twitter is disabling basic authentication method. I was using it so i updated WPJobBoard code. Now it takes advantage of safer OAuth authorization. One drawback is that after update to WPJobBoard 3.1 you will have to go to job board configuration and update Twitter settings. I updated manual so you can check there how to do it.

Other then that, as usual i made some bug fixes, improvements and optimization so i recommend you to download the upgrade.

  1. Jason

    Greg, I’ve been using the WPJobBoard for over a year now, and am excited about upgrading to version 3.1 so I can have it on WordPress 3.0. I feel that what you’ve created is so valuable, that you should share it with more WordPress users. When will you submit it to the WordPress Codex?

  2. Greg

    Thanks for the comment Jason. I am not sure what you mean by submitting it to WordPress Codex? That’s a documentation for WordPress only i think?

  3. Jason

    Sorry, Greg. What I mean is submitting it to the official WordPress plug-in directory. I’ve tested a lot of the competing products at the plug-in directory, but yours is by far the best of them all. I know other users would benefit from this tool. One way to make it inticing at the plug-in directory is by offering a free version: if you made a standard (free) version that did not accept paypal payments for job postings; and a premium version so paypal transactions could happen.

  4. Greg

    Jason, i probably won’t publish WPJobBoard in WordPress plugin directory, for few reasons:
    – i would need to maintain two SVN repositories, one on WordPress server and one on my own
    – also i do not want to maintain two version of WPJobBoard it gets a bit messy after a while

    Another thing is that having only premium version allows me to focus on premium users who paid for the plugin and require first class technical support.

    On the other hand there are few WordPress plugins that i want to publish as open source software, so while you will problably won’t see WPJobBoard there you might see some other plugin from me.

  5. Corey Freeman

    Sorry to bother you so much lately. I’m only seeing 2.3.2 in my downloads area? Does it matter that I bought the plugin in january?

  6. Greg

    Yes unfortunately it is. Since, WPJB 3.0 is pretty much a new software (completely rewritten from scratch) the upgrade is actually impossible. You will need to buy a copy of WPJobBoard 3 and than you will have access to the script and all the upgrades. The good thing is that now you can use existing customer duscount

  7. Brad

    Greg, what is the default theme that comes with the new upgrade 3.1 version?

    • Greg

      The theme is suited best Kubrick theme, however it should work well with any other theme as well, because actually WPJobBoard currently does not have a theme, it’s rather set of template files that structure the layout and inherit design from the current WordPress theme.

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