WPJobBoard 3.2 and new logo

I have been quite busy for the last month working on WPJobBoard 3.2 (it’s not ready yet, but it will definitely be available this month). Of course if you own WPJB 3.0+ than upgrade is completely free. I am very excited about upcoming release for few reasons.

First and for most, i have eliminated all the problems with theme integration, now it’s impossible for WPJB to break the theme, further more on activation WPJB will no longer copy files, so that eliminates problem with permissions on hosting server – so literally once, WPJobBoard 3.2 is released i can delete Troubleshooting guide in the manual.

Aside of that, in 3.2 there will be so many new features that WPJB functionality almost doubled, here is what’s new:

  • Employer accounts – everyone who is logged in while posting a job will have access to his jobs later from the admin panel. From there he will be able to see job stats (page views, unique views and number of sent applications) and republish job with a single click
  • Company Profiles – each employer will be able to create his company profile, basically this will be a page with company description and active company jobs (it will be accessible from job details page)
  • Resumes – probably most awaited feature in WPJobBoard, every registered user will be able to post his resume (currently for free, in future maybe i will add paid option), while employers will be able to browse resumes. Admin will set who can browse resumes (everyone, members who requested resumes access, paid members – of course automatic payments processiong for resumes access is builtin, just set how much you want to charge per month).
  • Anti Spam protection – simple system for anti spam protection on apply form, it works well on wpjobboard.net contact form, so i decided to include it in the plugin as well.

Other than that, WPJobBoard has now a logo. Beautifly designed by Nadir Balcikli (btw. if you are looking for logo designer, i can’t recommend Nadir services highly enough). You might be wandering (like me at the beginning) what it presents. If you look closer you will see it’s a tie which symbolizes a business which WPJobBoard is all about.

I am interested in your opinions, how do you like the logo?

  1. Hi Greg,
    This update sounds awesome, really looking forward to the release!


    Ps. Logo is good too!

  2. Greg

    Hi @Duncan, thanks for the comment.

  3. Oscar

    This is exactly what i was asking from you…

    I cannot wait until you release it… I hope it’s soon because I’m ready to get it from you…


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