WPJobBoard 3.2 can now be downloaded

Finally, after about a month of work WPJobBoard 3.2 is ready, if you read the previous post you should already know, what are improvements over 3.1, i won’t go into details here again, so just read WPJobBoard 3.2 and new logo post.

Few notes on upgrading from 3.1:

  • To upgrade you can use automatic update utility, however if you won’t notice any changes in the admin panel (new menus etc), then you will need to upgrade manually (just download the whole thing and overwrite all files) even if the upgrader said that upgrade was complete
  • 3.1 created directory “jobs” and 2 files in it. It’s no longer needed, after upgrading you should remove the directory or at least rename it.
  • Version 3.2 is optimized for WordPress 3.0, so if you are still using 2.9, upgrade your WordPress installation first.
  • Version 3.2 will create two WordPress pages “Jobs” and “Resumes”, both job board and resumes will be embeded into this pages so do not remove them.
  • WPJB 3.2 will change your Job Board theme (it’s not the same as WordPress theme!) to twentyten.

I will also need to update manual, since the old one is outdated now.

  1. Oscar


    I’ve purchase and downloaded your new version of the plugin.
    However I’ve found important problems:

    1) When I test myself applying for a job I’ve posted NO e-mails are being sent to the poster or the applicant which renders down the complete functionality of the board. This needs to be fixed ASAP. I cannot even receive an e-mail with the CV attached, nor browse through the submitted resumes.

    2) Though I appreciate the fact that other employers can subscribe and post jobs. I’m using this to make my own company’s job board. I cannot. There is no option to even browse through submitted resumes.

    3) Company courtesy is a must. There should be at least the choice to send an automated “Thank you” e-mail from the company to the Job applicant.

    I’m sure there must be an error or I’m too lost because the documentation you have is minimal. I would appreciate a more in-depth tutorial on this.

    It would be nice if these issues could be addressed.


    Two more thing:

    1) You add field option doesn’t work at all. No new field would be added to the Application Form.

    Please help!

    I think we have that resolved.
    // edited by Greg

  2. Kathir

    WPJB 3.2 will change your Job Board theme (it’s not the same as WordPress theme!) to twentyten.

    THis is going to be a concern for most bloggers. I have a premium theme and have invested lot of time in customising to my needs. I will want this to be disturbed. But your blog post says that installation of your plugin will change the theme.

  3. Oscar

    I{ve tested it and it won´t change your theme. I have a premium theme working on my site as well. I was concerned too, but luckily enough it will adapt to your blog´s theme.

    I{m wondering what´s the big update on 3.2.1 which is now announced to be downloaded. Though there is no data on the Changelog about it.

    I hope it includs the possibility to send automated thank you e-mails to the applicants, once they apply for a job. Or at least the ability to create more e-mail templates.

  4. Greg

    @Kathir, maybe i used wrong words so to make it absolutely clear. WPJobBoard WILL NOT CHANGE YOUR THEME, what i meant is that basically internal job board configuration will be changed on update.

    @Oscar i forgot to update the changelog, 3.2.1 was not anounced on the blog because there are only small updates and bug fixes. Note on automatic update to 3.2.1 you might get an error, although that’s because some of the files are being loaded before update and others after update, however that’s perfectly fine just close the page.

    I couldn’t add E-mail template into 3.2.1 so it will be implemented in 3.2.2 which i scheduled 31.07.2010

  5. Oscar

    Wonderful Greg!

    Thank you for the great support!!!

  6. Greg, Awesome upgrade. Your help was appreciated too!

    Dont know about you guys but loving the fact that jobs/resumes page is treated as a ‘page template’ and not a ‘blog template’. It makes widget logic sooooo much easier when you want to customise widget exposure!

    A worth while purchase!


  7. Lars

    Hi there.

    Firstly is a great job theme you have made, and i will get it soon for my project im doing.

    One thing thou, would it be possible to ad a Moneybookers payment gateway instead of the Paypal option?.


    • Greg

      Thanks @Lars. Replacing PayPal with MB is possible however, it will require custom coding, i also do not know how hard will it be because i personally never tried to add/replace payment gateway.

  8. Lars

    Thanks Greg.

    I have been studing your theme abit over the last few days. One thing i seem to be missing is the option to ad a subscrition function.

    What i mean, instead of you have to pay for each job ad you post. Then make a function where the customer can make ex. 1, 2 or more months subscrition for X amount, and then post as many ads as they like within that periode.

    Is this already possible to make? Or is it a function you have been thinking of adding?


  9. Greg

    @Lars, currently such functionality is not available, i have a list of features that are easier to implement yet will be useful to majority of WPJB users so at least for now i will stick to those.

    I will look closer into functionality you described but i can’t promise it will be implemented.

  10. Hi Greg – great update which I’m just configuring for launch.

    I have what I hope is a simple set of questions around launch…

    1) is there a way of having the plugin live (ie so I can configure, add jobs, categories etc) WITHOUT it showing on my site? Currently I have to disable to plugin to remove the not-yet-ready Jobs section, but then I can’t continue preparations…

    2) how do I stop “Resumes” appearing in the Top Menu? I’m using Arthemia Premium, btw, and it’s picking up on the /Resumes area, even though I’ve disabled resumes via the plugin. Clicking on the menu item just shows “Resume feature is disabled” which looks a bit lame!

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  11. Greg

    Hi Ian,
    1. i am afraid not
    2. you will need to find Resumes page (in WordPress pages admin panel) and change it’s status to “Draft” for example then it won’t be displayed on the blog.

    Hope that helps.

  12. Hi Greg – many thanks for the prompt reply. Pity about 1) but at least I won’t waste any more time trying 😉 Just means that I need to rush to enter lots of jobs in the first few minutes 😉

    2) That’s great.


  13. Hi,

    I am running a Buddypress site with WPJobBoard installed. I have the plugin set for only allowing members to post jobs. Since they are already members, I’m concerned that they are still prompted to pay for the job post. I need the plugin to recognize the membership of the poster. Also, when an applicant wants to apply for a job, instead of going to your built in e-mail page to contact the job poster, I would like to send the applicant to the profile page of the member who created the job post. From there, the applicant can contact the member directly using the messaging component built into Buddypress.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  14. Greg

    Hi @Richard, to answer your questions

    1. This will be possible with custom modification only, or you can wait for WPJB 3.3, it will have hooks which you could use to alter the form.

    2. It can be done directly in the WPJobBoard template. You can get id of a user who posted a job by doing wpjb_view(“job”)->employer_id

    Either, way it would be best if you would contact me using contact form https://wpjobboard.net/contact than i can be more specific, especially when it comes to #1 question

  15. Kevin

    Hi Greg,

    I’m an existing customer with a multi-site license and I’m trying to figure out how to put a space between the title of my site and all other page titles that appear before it.

    I’ll explain using an example from your demo site:

    Go to: http://demo.wpjobboard.net/jobs/ and you’ll see in the browser title area, it looks like this: Job Boardwpjobboard.net (Too close together)

    How do I insert a hyphen (with spaces on either side) between the 2 page titles? So that it looks like this: Job Board – wpjobboard.net

    Please reply back here or send me an email. Thanks in advance!

  16. Kevin

    Thanks for your quick response Greg. Appreciate it!

  17. Kevin

    Hi Greg,

    I’m trying to figure out how to edit the default thank you message that is displayed after the job seeker clicks the “Send Application” button.

    Right now, it says: “Your application has been sent.” (AND “Go back to job details.” link below it)

    Could you please tell me which php file (and in which directory) contains this code so that I can go and edit it myself?

    Thanks Greg.

  18. Tim

    I was wondering if the Twitter integration still works now that Twitter has forced the implementation of oAuth on apps that integrate with it?

    Also, I was hoping that you have given some thought to implementing a backfill capability to automatically populate the site with jobs from a syndicated source like Indeed. It wouldn’t be hard for you to do and it would make clients’ sites much more credible looking.

    What do you think?


  19. Greg

    @Kevin, it’s in wpjobboard/templates/{your-theme}/save.php

    @Tim, yes Twitter works, it was rewritten specifically for that purpose. There is an option to backfill job board with jobs from CareerBuilder.com, adding Indeed wouldn’t be that hard however the disadvantage of Indeed backfil would be that Indeed API returns only 256 chars from job description, either way if you are interested you can email me using contact form at https://wpjobboard.net/contact

  20. Kevin

    Thanks for your reply Greg, but I was unable to find the default text to edit in the save.php file – I’ve sent you a support request email about this.

  21. Greg

    Yep, just sent you a reply.

  22. Looking forward to buying this on the 1st Nov. * Crosses fingers * for it to be good. 🙂

    3 quick questions:
    – Themes easily modifiable (eg: Appearance > Editor > index.php … etc)?
    – Employers’ dashboard isn’t the same as Admin dashboard?
    – Would you recommend if wpjobboard be installed on a separate installation (subfolder / db) if I’ve got another wp installation setup to run as a blog?

    Thanks thanks!

  23. Greg

    1. No, WPJobBoard is a plugin so it cannot be edited in the WordPress editor. What i mean by simple edition, that WPJobBoard has templating system pretty similar to the one that WP has. You can check out the Introduction to Templates at http://kb.wpjobboard.net/introduction-to-templates/ (it’s still beta version of the new manual)
    2. Kind of, by default Employer has privileges of Subscriber (ie he can only edit his profile) with 3 additional menu items
    3. I recommend installing WPJobBoard on your main blog, WPJB will create it’s own db tables and will never “touch” any other tables, so that’s perfectly safe.

    Hope that helps!

  24. @Greg thanks!

    1. Reading through the template articles in the knowledge base; looks simple enough (would it fit nicely into the overall site’s theme without touching the header.php / footer.php ?).

    2. Cool; doesn’t touch other employers’ data = works 🙂

    3. Got it!

    Nov 1. Kinda deciding between single or multi-site installation. Will do so later in the day. Thanks again for your assurance Greg!

  25. Thanks again @Greg!

    Started with single site. 🙂

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