WPJobBoard 3.3 sneak peak

Recently i was quite busy preparing WPJB 3.3, it took quite a lot of time because there will be one major new feature, which required some code rewriting. I call the feature “Visual Editor”. Basically it allows to edit most important forms using drag and drop interface. Among the things you will be able to do is: reorder fields (or whole field groups), hide default fields you don’t want to use, change field names and hints (ie. short text describing the field).

It will be able to alter, “post a job” form (in the frontend and backend), “your resume” form and “apply for a job” form. It is also possible now to create additional fields for all of this forms, more over to “apply” form you can add new input[type=file]. I wanted to attach screen shoot, however i couldn’t do one that would show how it works, so you have to take my word for it that Visual Editor is awesome.

Second interesting feature are WPJobBoard hooks. That’s right, it will be now possible to create plugins for WPJobBoard, i plan to release 3 or 4 plugins by the end of the year, they will add to the job board functionality that i find interesting, however not everyone needs it so it can’t make it into core version. I have the hooks documented in the knowledge base which will soon enough replace current manual.

To tell the truth i needed hooks mainly for myself, because i am working on WordPress Job Board theme, made specifically for WPJobBoard (in fact it will require you to have WPJB installed and activated). The theme will be completely free for all WPJobBoard owners.

Aside of that there are some bug fixes and one few minor features like possibility to display number of jobs in “job categories” and “job types” widgets. Most importantly, like i wrote the 3.3 will be a beta version, if you are using WPJobBoard 3.2.6 on a production server do not upgrade to 3.3 yet.

  1. Wow!

    I check my admin panel a while ago and I observed there is a new update but when I give my try to update the plugin. I encounter some problem.

    Then I check this site and I found out that this is just a beta yet 🙂

    I can’t wait to grab the wp job board theme.. yohoy! 🙂

    • Greg

      @soulmenj what problem did you encountered?

      BTW. I will soon post theme screen-shoots.

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