WPJobBoard 3.4.0 released

As i promised on Friday, WPJobBoard 3.4.0 was released today, and it’s a recommended version to use if you are starting a new job board. If you are looking to upgrade your current WPJobBoard 3.X to version 3.4 feel free to do so if and only if you didn’t make any modifications in WPJobBoard source code or templates files. On the other hand if you made some modifications/changes it’s very important that you read migration guide (more details in changelog).

What’s new in version 3.4.0?

First of all, long awaited resumes in the frontend. Both job seekers and employers can register/login and manage their “things” in the frontend. As always with WPJobBoard the experience for users is seamless since WPJB is using your Theme CSS on user pages.

Next, huge feature is ability to manage job applications by administrator or employer who posted a job. Employer/admin can accept/reject job application, view attachements, read applicant message etc. The idea is that employer can manage application from the web instead of going through hundreds of emails. Also, the application won’t get lost in case email won’t be delivered for some reason.

Small improvement is ability to assign a color to job type. This is pretty popular feature among job boards, so i decided to add it since it did not require a lot of work.

If you are looking to setup job board for a client then here is a good news for you. All WPJobBoard templates were rewritten, to make them as transparent as possible. Many HTML tags got CSS clasess so it will be easier for non-programmers to apply CSS to WPJB without modifying any files. Finally each template file starts with short documentation and list of variables that can be used in the template.

As every new release, this one contains few bug fixes.

  1. Hi Greg,

    Let me at beginning thank you for all your efforts to
    improve the WPJobBoard and add awesome features to it.

    If you remember I was one of the first requester to move
    both job seekers and employers to frontend so they can
    register/login and manage their “things” in the frontend.

    Today let me also be the first to ask you to provide a
    video tutorial detailing the installation of the
    WPJobBoard and explain how the WPJobBoard works smoothly
    with your default theme and show all the features with an
    explanation on how to modify any CSS or PHP template files.

    last thing although you said WPJobBoard 3.4.0 was
    released but the new version does not appear in the list
    of releases that can be downloaded from your site.

    Mohammed Al-Wardi

  2. Greg

    Thanks, for the comment, yes i in fact forgot to make it available for download after testing, it should be available now.

  3. Walter

    Hey Greg,

    The Job board has been working great thus far for us. But there’s a few major things our users have been inquiring about. Mostly internal search and extending the advanced search feature. Our users want to search by geography or any of the custom fields we put in. The current advanced search is limiting. Any idea on if this is in the works? (I haven’t installed 3.4 yet, but is this something 3.4 addresses?)



  4. Walter

    Hi Greg,

    I meant being able to filter by location rather than searching by location, or more filtering options in general.


  5. Greg

    @Walter, i have search by additional fields on my development roadmap, however i am not sure when will it be ready since the topic is quite complex. Currently in WPJB it is possible to search by location only (you can enter the search term into “keyword” field).

  6. Adam

    Love the new update… I would like to see the script provide better filtering by location. Being able to browse listing by location and search by location is very important.

    Up to see these in the next release.

    Keep up the great work.

  7. Walter

    Is there also an option to make the email templates HTML or to accept simple line breaks?

    Meanwhile I noticed that when users apply, their names are not being captured. Is this a bug?

  8. Greg

    @Walter, currently only plain text emails are available.

    As for apply form, yes i am afraid that’s a bug, it will be fixed in a version 3.4.2, released this week.

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