WPJobBoard 4.0.1 and Data Migrator are ready for download

A little bit late, but both WPJB 4.0.1 and data migrator can be now downloaded. As always you can get version 4.0.1 from client panel, if you are running version 4.0.0 or 4.0.1 beta this is recommended upgrade, in fact before reporting any bugs or issues, please upgrade first, chances are that your problem is already fixed there.

The new version has about 20+ bug fixes, and two new features or rather improvments if you will, described in earlier post.

I was planning to develop migrator to be compatible with 3.6.0 and newer, but it tuned out the migrartor will work just as well with version 3.5.3, so this is the minimum WPJB version you need to have installed in order to use migrator. The migration instructions and migrator files are avaialble here. Please read the instructions carefully and follow them to the letter if you do not want to beak your site or loose some data.

Still not satisfied and want more? Tomorrow, new WordPress job board theme compatible version 4.0 will be released. I will announce it here on official WPJobBoard blog and upload it to the demo site.

    • Hmm currently not, but i will look into this in future.

      • HelpingHands

        +1 for schema markup

        • Greg

          @HelpingHands actually the schema markup is already available in WPJobBoard (since version 4.1.2 if i remember correctly).

  1. Michael

    Hi. Dont see any update in WP admin? Is this a download only update? What are the steps? Is data safe?

    • @Michael WPJobBoard does not have an automatic updates, so there are no notifications in wp-admin, the plugin v4.0 can be downloaded from client panel, the migrator and steps how to safely upgrade your data (without loosing it) is avaialble here http://kb.wpjobboard.net/migrating-from-version-3-6-to-4-0/

  2. Michael

    I have v. 4.0 installed, so i would not need the migrator, right??
    What is the installtion procedure from 4.0 to 4.01?
    Will i lose all the jobs and settings?
    Please email the answer, as i do not check this board all the time, and want to go live.

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