WPJobBoard 4.0.3 and Jobeleon 1.0.2 are ready

You can now download WPJB 4.0.3 and Jobeleon 1.0.2 from client panel, as i wrote earlier this update has a couple of new features:

Automatic updates from wp-admin panel, after plugin activation or update to 4.0.3  you will be welcomed with a message like in the screen below

Welcome message

Welcome message in version 4.0.3

You can complete those two points or not, this will not make really any difference in how the job board works except that without entering license code in configuration you will not be able to use automatic updates feature.

Browsing jobs by location, this was one of the most requested feature lately, however users had a different idea how they would like to browse jobs, so the new Job Locations widget allows to select how you want to list the locations, allowed options are: “Country”, “State”, “City”, “City, State”, “Country, City”.

E-mail alerts management, from wp-admin panel it is now possible to browse email alerts and subscriptions.

Email Alerts and Subscriptions

Email Alerts and Subscriptions management

There was also a couple of bug fixes, most important being:

  • file upload button not working in IE
  • job board broke custom post types URLs
  • searching Jobs and Resumes by custom fields not working properly


  1. would be great to download the update – where is this client panel that you speak of?

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