WPJobBoard 4.0.5 (Stripe Integration)

WPJobBoard 4.0.5 was just released, you should see update notification in wp-admin panel soon (if you are using WPJB 4.0.3 or newer, otherwise you can download new version from client panel).

This update includes one of the most requested feature – Stripe integration. Stripe is a US based company that makes credit card payments easy (so basically the new feature is that WPJobBoard can now handle credit card payments). Users will be able to make payments without leaving your site.

Currently Stripe can work with businesses located in US, Canada, UK and Ireland, however they are quickly going global and already have beta programs for some of the EU countries and Australia.

WPJobBoard 4.0.5 also has improved and extended Payment API that allows to enable/disable and rename payment methods, so if you do not want to use Stripe (or PayPal) just disable it from wp-admin panel.

Other than that there is a slight update in the frontend templates (especially int forms and job/resumes details pages) and as always a couple of bug fixes and few new filters/hooks added.

  1. Alex

    Hi Greg,

    Just updated to the new version, no problems at all 🙂

    I was thinking will you be adding functionality to allow users to forward jobs on to friends?


  2. Greg

    Hi Alex, do you mean some kind of social sharing feature? If so i am not really planning to put it in WPJobBoard core, however most likely i will publish a free addon/extension that will allow to do this.

    BTW. I would appreciate if you could drop me an email, i am looking to add some new features for recruitment agencies and would like to hear your thoughts on this.

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