WPJobBoard 4.0 ready for download

Good news everyone! Just few minutes ago i uploaded WPJobBoard 4.0.0 stable version to client panel, if you have valid access to downloads you can download and try it now.

However, before you start using version 4 please read points below:

  • The data migrator is not yet ready, so you should use version 4.0 only if you are starting new project or do not mind loosing existing data you have
  • Currently available WPJobBoard-Theme is not compatible with version 4.0
  • Before installing version 4.0 completely delete WPJobBoard 3.6 first.
  1. dylan

    Will there be another announcement for the data migrator sooner or later?

    • Yes, when the migrator will be released it will be announced on blog.

  2. Any update on the data Migrator? Would love to start using this version on my live site.

    • It should be ready next week.

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