WPJobBoard 4.1.2 (Apply From LinkedIn Integration)

Version 4.1.2 was just released, this is a small update mainly with bug fixes, tiny improvements. The most notable changes are dates and locations API updates, basically you will now be able to format dates and locations any way you want. It will be documented today or tomorrow with example usage snippets.

There is also one new very often requested feature – Apply From LinkedIn. It allows to collect job applications directly from LinkedIn, in order to use you need to configure your LinkedIn integration first, once ready next to “Apply Online”, “Apply From LinkedIn” button will appear. This integration has two modes: “email” LinkedIn applications will be sent to your email address only and “web” using it LinkedIn applications will be saved directly in DB (in wp-admin / Job Board / Applications panel).

I made an announcement on Facebook fan page, but in case you missed it here is what’s inside:

  • LinkedIn Post as Company
  • Apply From LinkedIn
  • Candidate/Employer can always view his profile
  • Top search box improvments
  • Recent Jobs widget will now sort by date only (not by is_featured flag)
  • Schema.org markup for job postings
  • Customizable Locations (via API)
  • Customizable Dates (via API)

If you are using Jobeleon theme, remember to update your theme to version 1.1.1 as well.

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