WPJobBoard 4.1 – Membership Packages

I am happy to announce that WPJB 4.1 is finally ready for download from client panel and via automatic updates (if you are using 4.0.3 or newer).

So, what’s new?

  • Configurable Membership Packages for Employers that allows to purchase multiple jobs and resumes access, if you missed it i posted a couple of screenshots from developer version on our Facebbok Page, this is a huge update that took almost 75% of development time.
  • Search Bar on Jobs List i noticed a lot of users using [wpjb_jobs_search] shortcode to display job search on top of jobs list, the problem with is that it does not look good by default, so from now on you can enable nice search bar in job board options, here is how will it look
    Job Board Search Bar
  • Change Password, from now both Employers and Candidates can change passwords from their accounts
  • Delete Account, similarly as above both Employers and Candidates can now delete their accounts
  • Facebook Integration, you can create and configure Facebook application to automatically post new jobs on your FB activity stream or on FB page that you own.
  • LinkedIn Integration, post new jobs to your LinkedIn account.

If you are using Jobeleon theme then aside of upgrading WPJobBoard you need to upgrade Jobeleon as well (you can download it from client panel).

Note that this is a huge update, while we did everything we could to make sure this release is bugs free, i recommend that you do a full site backup before upgrading.

  1. John

    Thanks for this great new updated release!

  2. karthik sugur

    Great Update, thanks greg.

  3. Does the new LinkedIn Integration allow you to use the “Apply with LinkedIn” button automatically?

    • Greg

      Currently it only allows to post updates to LinkedIn, the “Apply with LinkedIn” button should be available in version 4.1.2 if everything will go as planned.

  4. rob


    How can I show an item only to users with membership?


    • Greg

      @Rob using PHP you can check if user has active membership using following code

      $cc = Wpjb_Model_Company::current();
      if($cc && count($cc->membership())>0) {
      echo "Currently logged in user has active membership.";

  5. Rob

    Thanks! Can I show the item only to users with an active “resume membership”?

    • Greg

      Not sure what do you mean?

      • Rob

        I would like to show a content only for premium users with “resumes access” actived (excluding premium users who purchased multiple jobs).

        • Greg

          There is no easy way to do this i am afraid, you would need to see wpjobboard/application/libraries/Form/Resumes/Purchase.php file, function _listings() checks if user has an active membership.

  6. Vipin

    Hi Greg,

    Membership Packages for candidate would be or not in next time.

    • Greg

      Hi, i am afraid that right now we do not have any ETA when candidate memberships will be added.

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