WPJobBoard 4.2.1 (new reCAPTCHA integration)

WPJobBoard 4.2.1 was just released and you should see notification in your site wp-admin panel within no longer than 24 hours. This is a maintenance update so aside of UI improvements and bug fixes it has only 2 small new features.


Recently Google released new reCAPTCHA. According to Google there is now a bot that can guess the old captcha 99% of the time, so it is recommended to switch to new one. It also has much better UI that should better blend with any site:


Note that in order to do that you need to go to reCAPTCHA admin panel, generate set of new keys, next go to wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / reCAPTCHA panel, enter there your new keys and in field Captcha Type select “noCAPTCHA”.

Other features and improvements

  • standalone jobs list [wpjb_jobs_list], the jobs list can now work from a single page, that is the pagination does not redirect to search results
  • API to enable custom fields custom rendering in the frontend, this will for example allow you to display custom fields on job details pages as links.
  • API to select which fields should be locked on resume details page
  • if user is required to login in order to post a job he will see login form and registration link instead of just an error message.
  • Fixed, pagination in wp-admin panel
  • Fixed, Indeed export categories
  • Fixed, CareerBuilder properly selecting job types on import
  • Fixed, Jobeleon child themes, the child templates are now always picked from correct directories without any additional code
  • Fixed, job description paragraphs and lists formatting

Along with WPJB 4.2.1, Jobeleon 1.1.5 was released as well, you can download it from client panel (as currently Jobeleon does not have automatic updates).

  1. rob

    if user is required to login in order to post a job he will see login form and registration link instead of just an error message.

    Does this also apply to User my log in to APPLY for the job?

    • Greg

      Since version 4.0, when user is required to login before applying for a job he will see login and registration buttons instead of application form.

  2. rob

    With the addition of the feature:
    “if user is required to login in order to post a job he will see login form and registration link instead of just an error message.”

    Does this also apply to the case where a user must log in to APPLY for the job? Will they see at registration link and login form in that case?

  3. andrew

    When a user (candidate or client) registers it takes the user to a page which says ‘active job listing 0’

    Is there anyway to have it so once a person has registered it will have a message saying ‘an email has been sent with your login details’ and/or a button which says ‘login’ or ‘start posting a job’

    Currently, it has beeb confusing for people registering, they do not know what to do once they have filled in the registration form as there are no instructions.

    • Greg

      Currently i am afraid not, but in version 4.3, after registration user will be redirected to Employer dashboard which will have “post a job”, “company jobs”, “logout” etc. buttons.

      • Andrew

        Thank Greg,

        When can we expect 4.3??

        • Greg

          It should be ready in about 2 months, there is no ETA yet.

  4. chirodc632001@gmail.com

    Question about the reCaptcha: This is my first time setting this up. When you go to create new keys, it also has a “Step 1: Client side set up” and “Step 2: Server side set up”. Do we need to apply those steps? If so, can you give us specific instructions on how to set up reCaptcha?

    • chirodc632001@gmail.com

      …because I did the keys and checked off what pages I want them on and the reCaptcha does not show up on any of the pages. Is there a full guide on how to integrate this?

      • Greg

        I am looking at the reCAPTCHA setup right now and cannot see neither Step 1 nor Step 2, either way from the reCAPTCHA panel you only need to copy create the API keys. Once you have them go to wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / reCAPTCHA panel, enter your API keys, select forms for which you want to enable captcha and save it.

        If this won’t work it is possible that you have some JavaScript error on site that prevents reCAPTCHA fields from rendering, you can email me your site URL i can take a look at it.

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