WPJobBoard 4.3.2 Better Geo Location and Bug Fixes

You should not have access WPJobBoard 4.3.2 via automatic updates, while this version is not packed with great new features (unfortunately) it has a big list of small bug fixes and improvements. If you are using version 4.3.0 or newer this is a must have update.

Here is what we did in version 4.3.2

  • Map Auto Locate – the [wpjb_map] shortcode has now a auto_locate param which allows to center map on visitor current location.
  • Disabled Job/Company/Resume Archives – the default WP archives will redirect now to default pages (set in “Default Pages and URLs panel”) this is to avoid having data listed on different pages with different layouts which might confuse users.
  • Apply From LinkedIn – recently LinkedIn changed terms of use for the Apply From LinkedIn API, if you are using this feature and want to continue using it, you have to upgrade and reconfigure this integration as described in updated docs.
  • Allow non-ascii characters in URLs – this is useful especially if you are running site in Chinese or Arabic language
  • Fixed WP_Editor incorrect HTML parsing in WP 4.3
  • Fixed Facebook API scope updated
  • Fixed paging when using [wpjb_jobs_list] on homepage
  • Fixed default pricing selected incorrectly in Add Job Form
  • Fixed profile percentage calculation (sometimes it did not allowed to get to 100%)
  • Fixed slug generation with Permalinks disabled
  • Fixed candidate can now always see his resume, regardless of access settings
  • Fixed generating list of enabled payment methods
  • Fixed WPJB hides all the Screen Options tabs in wp-admin panel
  • Fixed Smart Alerts Fatal Error
  • Fixed Incorrect redirection when creating Candidate from wp-admin panel
  • Fixed Incorrect redirection when adding Experience or Education to resume
  • Internal: Optimization in loading meta data
  • Internal: Better handling for Notices and Warnings

Jobeleon 1.2.2

While the WPJobBoard itself does not have much features, there is one great feature in Jobeleon, a template file meant to be used on homepage it will display a big map with active jobs, filters to narrow jobs search and list of jobs beneath … well just take a look at screen below


This Page Template has a couple of options that will allow to configure map: unit of length (either miles or km), max radius (maximum value in slider), map center, map height and auto locate (if you want to automatically center map to current user location).

  1. Ricardo M.

    How do we enable the map on the homepage with this version of the theme?

    • Greg

      From wp-admin / Pages panel create a page named for example MAP, in right sidebar in Template dropdown select “Home Map” and save the page. Now below the description you should be able to see additional map settings box enter desired values there and save the page again.

      • Ricardo M.

        Already did that but it shows an overlay on top of the whole website. Even with the shortcode the behaviour is the same.

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